Spotify Premium – Cee Lo Green’s The Ladykiller

Cee Lo Green, who was one half of the Gnarls Barkley duo that brought us the 2006 smash hit single ‘Crazy’ seems to have done it again! After a short hiatus he has rocketed to the top of the charts with his massive single ‘F**k You’ which has become a global phenomenon.

His highly anticipated album ‘The Ladykiller’ will be released on November 8th and features more up tempo, catchy tunes which are sure to have you tapping your toes within seconds. However you needn’t take our word for it as, Spotify Premium users are being given the exclusive opportunity to stream this amazing album, a whole week before it is released.

So for your chance to listen to one of the most incredible neo – soul/ R&B releases of the year. Sign up to Spotify Premium now and enjoy the Ladykiller’s soulful vibes.


  1. Love Gun is my favorite by far! AND the Premium exclusive is available in Finland too for a change. Thank you for this!

  2. Thanks a lot for this! But please spotify, this is not “Cee Lo Green’s debut album”.