A selection of Halloween playlists

Some of our staff and label friends have been kind enough to craft a number of spooky playlists for the Halloween weekend. If you’re looking for some music to get you in the ‘trick or treat’ spirit then look no further, check out the playlists from:

Enjoy, bwahaha!


  1. I can’t download any of them. IO get an error message saying “Unable to initialize the storage of temporary files” then another to say that Spotify has encountered a problem and had to close. :o(

  2. Plus I really don’t think Ghost Town should count as a Hallowe’en track. Plus real ghost towns aren’t even haunted, just deserted. Harrumph.

  3. A Halloween playlist requires to have the song “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” by Geto Boys on it and sadly the group on a whole is unavailable in spotify, which makes it impossible to do… so nothing from me 😦
    Spotify, add Geto Boys as soon as possible, that’s like one big hole in the huge catalog y’all have!

  4. oh my, after having deleted many experimental/contemporary/psyche/trippy labels these 2 last weeks, you’re now turning your mass deletion towards jazz.

    just noticed the whole cryptogrammohpone label disappeared from spotify, and the best european jazz label Clean Feed is actually in the process of being deleted (many albums turned grey already…by now I know what it means…)

    and still, despite all of this, total silence from spotify.
    so :

    could you have the courtesy to finally tell us WHAT’s GOING ON in the end ???

  5. Here is Yellow Bird Project’s playlist – it’s spooky scary I tell you!