relaunched and Sonos giveaway

Our good friends over at Sharemyplaylists have recently revamp their site to make it even better. They’ve introduced a Playlist Generator, Playlist Recommendations and Playlist Partners to bring you even more great music. now has over 27,000 playlist shared with just over 4 million tracks in their playlists which would take just over 22 years to listen to, now that’s a playlist!

To relaunch with a bang they’re giving away a Sonos S5 Wireless Music Player, and Apple iPhone and 6 x 6 month Spotify Premium subscriptions. Check out their House Party page to enter.


  1. what’s going on exactly these days on spotify for interesting music (ie creative/experimental/improvised/etc) ?
    It seems most discs from important labels are vanishing at accelerated rate

    Can you tell me what just happened/happens to dozens (probably +100) albums from labels : New Albion (David Arden, Ingram Marshall, slow Six,etc) , New World records , Cold blue (Michael Byron, Daniel Lentz…), Cantaloupe , and even Room 40 probably (this last one doesn’t tell me yet most albums are not available anymore, just that he can’t play them, lol…) among others ?

    I never saw such a massive removal, what’s happening exactly ?