Drowned in September

Another month, another fine selection of playlists from the UK’s original music blog and social network, DrownedinSound…

Drowned in September 2010

September saw the sun set on a summer of festivals (all of our coverage is compiled here) and the twilight of 2k10 begin. Over at http://drownedinsound.com we’ve been getting dewy-eyed, looking back at the 10 years since our website tumbled onto the internet. This has included a week dedicated to dubstep (one of the most inventive and pioneering underground music movements of the past decade), we’ve encouraged 50 of our favourite people to reveal one of their favourite records in our Favourite 50 (available as a playlist here), plus we’ve had days dedicated to acts we’ve loved and lost like Arab Strap and Grammatics.

All the while Sept bought with it the rain of literally hundreds of great records, including new albums from DiS-favourites Weezer, Interpol and Blonde Redhead. That’s not to mention the launch of Ping (thoughts?), The Mercury Music prize and DrownedinSound’s alternative Mercury prize: The Neptune Music Prize. Busy doesn’t come close but hopefully this playlist provides a digestible short-cut into what a fantastic month September has been in our world.
click here to play the DrownedinSeptember playlist

10 Years of… Solo Artists
As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations I compiled this special playlist of artists who’ve either made music on their own or with a little help from their talented musician friends. You’ll find the entire week dedicated to acoustic guitar waving singer-songwriters and laptop luggers compiled here.
click here to hear 10 Years of… Solo Artists

10 Years of… Crunk
We also had a special “beats” week, and this playlist dedicated to the crunchy-drunk genre went down rather well, although perhaps not perfect for a wet Wednesday morning with your grandparents in earshot.


We stirred up a little hornets nest with our light-hearted look at this hip-hip-underwater genre.


  1. There’s still the good old massive dubstep collection (not a “selected tracks” playlist, instead all decent dubstep eps/albums piled to infinity, updated almost every week, 1050 tracks/3 days long now, nice to discover stuff 🙂


    I have “dubstep cousins” playlists too for :
    .dub bullet label

    .stoke audio label

    .haunted audio label

    .uk funky/garage/booty

  2. Unrelated note, I also made a playlist collecting all Terry Riley in C recorded versions available on spotify, ranging from 36 multitracked flutes to orchestra to six pianos to guitar ensemble etc.
    A seven hour trip on very few notes 🙂