Spotify Premium – Robert Plant exclusive EP

When Robert Plant collected the 2009 Grammy for Album of the Year for Raising Sand, and a further five more for his work with bluegrass singer Alison Krauss, it confirmed that Plant was hungry to build on his substantial musical legacy.

His new album, Band Of Joy, was recorded at Gillian Welch and David Rawlings’ Woodland studio in Nashville, an important hub from the Seventies which the pair rescued from closure. Despite Plant’s name being above the album’s title, Band of Joy – named in honour of his pre-Zeppelin psychedelic blues outfit – is a collective endeavour built on a mutual love of high-powered roots rock, country, folk and gospel.

“After all the things I’ve done, the idea of just stepping forward with other people and letting them take the lead is an exciting prospect,” says Plant. “Nothing is daunting for me – but forever challenging. I have to be able to just get out there into the great drift of music and possibility, and hang onto great themes and ideas.”

The album makes for Plant’s most eclectic work so far, an album which continues the explorations of Raising Sand into exciting new territory.

Spotify Premium users can now get a first glimpse of his new album Band Of Joy on an exclusive six-track Spotify EP – plus from the 13th they’ll be able to hear the
album in full.


  1. There are premium users in Finland! How come the EP is not available in here?

  2. Thanks for this album sampler. Notwithstanding the disappointment of Finnish Spotifiers, this is further justification for being a Premium subscriber, great stuff.

  3. Why is it so hard for music publishers to tick the “Finland” checkbox or whatever user interface element they use to deprive us of all the good stuff?

  4. The announcements used to mention which countries have access to the album. Can you continue that, so we in Finland know not to bother clicking? Thanks.

  5. I do have Spotify Premium and I live in Finland, but
    I CAN NOT listen this. If this is not soon fixed I MAY NOT have Spotify Premium next month…

  6. I am a Spotify Premium customer in Belgium and the same problem applies here as in Finland. Please sort it out.

  7. In Spain is working, (spotify:track:4Kc3Ka6TStthtqInhdxnvd)
    but just Angel Dance. Nice.

  8. Sad to hear our fellow Spotifers in Finland and Belgium can’t enjoy this. Nice to hear Robert back with his mix of blues and North African drums. Glad he dumped that Alison Krauss for a proper rock chick. Listened to it a couple of times now and it’s a real grower!

    Thanks Spotify.

  9. Well folks – while u waiting for Plant – lend this folks an ear: spotify:album:2GbWvxTfS8AeaHFuHTxii1

  10. Sucks to be a premium member in Finland. You could at least drop the link from the “What’s new” page..

    Btw, Alison Krauss is one of the best. As is Raising Sand.

  11. Spain. Spotify Premium user.
    I hate it when you say something is available for all of us and it’s only available for specific countries.
    I know it’s difficult but you should try harder to include us in those deals or make less of a fuss about it.

  12. What a ridiculous payment system! I would like to become a Premuim user, but as I live in Spain I cannot pay with my Visa card as it is issued in Norway! When I went to Norway on holidays I could not upgrade my account as it was originally made in Spain (don’t want to start from scratch w. playlists etc.)! So, how about Spotify joining the 21st century?

  13. I’m a premium user in spain and can only listen to the first track, Angel dance, which is brilliant. Why only one track? I imagined that territory restrictions would be all or nothing…

  14. So this applies only in Sweden, huh? When I am in this site, it says (right and below) my country is Sweden but if I change it I am moved to some other site. Söt, och tack så mycket!

  15. To thrystero who has not and they who might have been able to join as premium members it’s important also to check how long your card is valid, because if the info is not updated in time Spotify will delete you as a premium member and removes your offline tracks without any warning whatsoever. This happened to me and all I can say is the same as thrystero: How about Spotify joining the 21st century?