Spotify and Sonos bring music home

We’ve always felt that music should be available wherever you are. Whether you’re at work, on the go or simply relaxing at home, having music at your fingertips is crucial to our users – which is why today we’re excited to introduce Spotify on Sonos.

To give you a little taste of what Spotify and Sonos can do when combined, check out the video we put together.

The Sonos Wireless Multi-Room Music System makes it extremely easy to access all your existing Spotify playlists and our entire catalogue in every corner of your home. Just put a Sonos ZonePlayer, like the all-in-one Sonos S5, in any or all of your rooms, sit back and enjoy the music.

Maybe you want to play the same track throughout your house, or mix it up by playing different tracks in separate rooms? Never a problem with Spotify and Sonos.

You can control your Sonos system from the Sonos controller, the Sonos iPhone app or from any computer and stream different tracks to different rooms of the house, all in pitch perfect sound quality.

Spotify Premium listeners will be able to access Spotify on their Sonos systems at the end of the month with an update to Sonos’ software. We’ll be sure to update everyone once it’s ready. In the meantime, be sure to visit Sonos and learn more about their great wireless systems.

You’ll just love Spotify on the Sonos wireless system.


  1. Is it up and running yet? I am picking up my Sonos on the 2nd of October and want to hit the ground running. Its all gone quiet.

  2. Excellent, just got my S5, looking forward to the firmware update from Sonos!

  3. You just gained a old Sonos owner, an now also a Spotify Premium subscriber. 🙂

  4. Best thing since sliced bread…Thanks for finally bringing the best of two worlds together.

    Spotify just gained another premium subscriber.

  5. Yes! Nu är allt uppdaterat och Spotify låter i mina högtalare! Äntligen så har det bästa av två världar förenats! Spotify + Sonos = Sant!

  6. Yeeesss!! Up and running.. Well done! Real nice to have Spotify access in the Sonos system…

  7. After 12 hours having Spotify available on my SONOS, it does not longer work… “Unable to browse music” is the answer I get when trying to start the Spotify app on my SONOS remote controller.
    I have tried everything, turning off all my SONOS equipment, restarting the controller, turning off my computer and deleting my Spotify account in my SONOS system… Nothing helps! Is this a bug?

  8. Although it promising combination, the current Sonos+Spotify release is too unstable for use by the masses. I use a ZonePlayer S5, the Sonos Desktop application, and the Andronos app for my HTC Hero (Android):
    * Sonos desktop is often unable to contact the Spotify server, while the Spotify desktop can play the music without problem.
    * The Andronos app is not mature yet. When the wifi connection is lost (when my HTC goes into sleep mode), it sometimes crashes. I do not blame the individual that created Andronos, but I think Sonos itself should give the Android platform the same attention as iPhone.
    * Sonos desktop lacks the Radio feature of Spotify desktop. This is the feature I use most.