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Rather than an annotated playlist for the month that was, this month Drowned in Sound has compiled a selection of playlists to soundtrack your wet summer mornings and the turning of grey afternoon into indian summer evenings…

Drowned in August 2010

August was a strange month for releases. Festivals and the Arcade Fire (strangely absent from Spotify), the fantastic Scott Pilgrim film soundtrack (click to read our interview with the film’s star Michael Cera and director Edgar Wright) and Klaxons kind of overshadowed a lot of really interesting smaller releases but then again, there weren’t a great deal of album of the year contenders. Meanwhile, there were lots of great singles from the likes of Everything Everything and Gonzales. Click here to play and explore this month’s playlist.

Also, if you missed them, click for Drowned in July 2010 and Drowned in June 2010.

Drowned in Sound 2010 – Q2

Earlier this year, we compiled a playlist featuring the best bits of the first quarter of the year (you’ll find that one here) and due to the overwhelming response, we’ve compiled a playlist for Q2, which explores the swirled electronics of Ikonika, LCD Soundsystem and Emeralds before exploring the big guitars and broken hearts of The National and DiS’ one-to-watch tip for 2010/Mercury Music Prize nominee, Villagers.
Click to play this playlist

Reading & Leeds Festival 2010

If you’re heading to Reading & Leeds festival this week or plan to watch the coverage on TV/via the web, here’s a playlist with our picks from the line-up get you in the mood. Or if you have a premium account, to stick on your iPod in the car instead of listening to The Get Up Kids’ back catalogue. Click to play this playlist

The Neptune Music Prize 2010

DiS has announced the nominees for the The Neptune Music prize, our alternative to the Mercury Music Prize. You can vote for your favourite of our picks. If you’re not au fait with all of the nominees, we made this handy Spotify playlist to sample a little bit of each.

Lastly, if you have enjoyed this and/or any of our previous playlists, please take a second to vote for in the BT Digital Music Awards. Thank you.

You’ll find plenty more Spotify playlists by here.


  1. By chance is it possible to subscribe to an only business and tech related RSS feed? “Top playlists” and all that stuff don’t matter to me, I’m only interested in country rollout and software updates.

  2. Please let the users tag the playlists and make the playlists searchable once published. It would make things much easier, and without relying on third party sites/apps it should increase your advert revenue as well.

    Since we don’t have that feature yet, please allow me to promote my site once again…;)

    Classical playlists on Spotify. The latest ones include Classical Music Used In Stanley Kubrick Films, Classical Music Inspired by Shakespeare, and Music From Earth, the Voyager Golden Record.

  3. My theory is that Spotify seems to use another model on it’s database and query handling to enasure speed, thus implementing a tag feature would hence take longer time and require more planning. Developing Spotify is far more complicated than developing a web 3.0 service due to it’s special structure of system.

  4. @drsounds Thanks, and I agreee with you wholeheartedly. In a perfect world, Spotify is already perfect: neat, fast, huge catalogue, just creat whatever playlists you want.

    But they are dealing with the real world, where around 90% of people don’t know what they want to listen to. Sad but ture. So the obvious question is: to leave all those traffic and attention to third party sites, or to sacrifice a little bit speed and meet the need of 90% users, within the Spotify client? Anyway only 10% of heavy users might notice the lag, and most likely they are going to stick with the service, as long as it offers what they want to listen to.

  5. Please add The Beatles discography, Metallica, Oasis, John Lennon… That would make spotify even better!

  6. Spotify needs this song so badly:
    Jonathan Boulet – Ones Who Fly Twos Who Die