Spotify exclusive, We Are Born

Grammy nominated and Aria winner, Sia is originally known as the mesmerizing voice behind Zero 7. She returns this summer with a brand new single ‘Clap Your Hands’ which is taken from her fourth album ‘We Are Born’, a total feelgood pop triumph delivered with Sia’s signature flair.

The album is set for wide release in September but in an exclusive to Spotify users can listen to the entire album all summer long before anyone else – for more information about Sia check out


  1. heya guys, im wondering when a new spotify for iphone will come out that will work with the new uppdate? cause the spotify stops working when you change program with the multitask, thanks and great job =)

  2. I want to second that. Please fix multitasking for the iphone client as fast as you possibly can. Love your app but backgrounding it is a must.

  3. A cool feature for Spotify would be the possibility to comment songs, artists. That would be great for users and for bands too.

    Another idea: comment between users. I very enjoy some playlists and I d like to tell it to their owners, send them others, etc.

  4. Why isn’t there a premium / exclusive tab or area in Spotify? How to get premium / exclusive content or participating for some great gifts?

  5. as the two first comments says, the app for ipod/iphone needs to be fixed for backrounding, aswell as queue and the possibility to add to playlist for other songs then only the one you are listening to. seeing as its a spotify app it should be similar to the one we have on pc, would be very thankfull if this would be updated soon :]

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