A selection of playlists for June

ShareMyPlaylists.com provides us with another in their series of excellent playlist posts. You can check out thousands of playlists at ShareMyPlaylists.com – they’ve got a little something for everyone.

One Hit Wonder
A playlist that will spark many a ‘I remember that’ moment here with a mixture of true class from the likes of Deee-Lite, Semisonic and Spin Doctors and some slightly more questionable, but equally enjoyable, numbers from Rick Astley, Chumbawamba and Babylon Zoo. Not all strictly one hit wonders but a great listen none the less.

The Soundtrack to May 2010
Top Share My Playlister iamnottheenemy has put together another monthly musical retrospective for your audio pleasure, and what a cracking month May has been. Huge tunes from Chemical Brothers, LCD Soundsystem, UNKLE, Massive Attack, The Black Keys and innumerable other sonic masterpieces all together in one handy playlist.

Tiffany Page’s Playlist
Next up is a selection of tunes picked by hotly tipped singer songwriter Tiffany Page. “The songs that I’ve chosen inspire me to pick up my guitar and start writing” says the 24 year old. Her choices include The Rolling Stones, The Rapture and Radiohead amongst others. Check her out her recent EP, Intro, for yourself here.

indie mixtape (i love you stupid)
Brilliant tunes compensate for unbelievable soppy sentiments on this ‘list. The Shins, Devendra Banhart and Bright Eyes provide the perfect soundtrack to get you through your indie kid brooding sessions.

Radio 1/1Xtra/New Entries (Updated Daily)
You can probably guess how this playlist works. It’s like listening to the Radio but without Tim Westwood, Vernon Kay, Scott Mills and all that mob’s soul destroying small talk. Perfect. New tunes from The Futureheads, Plan B and Bombay Bicycle Club in particular are must-hears. Insufferable noise from JLS, Usher and Miley Cyrus, is not.

Father’s Day 2010 from Buyagift
You know that fella who’s always hanging around with your Mum. The one with the crap jokes, worse clothes and thinning hair. Well there is a day dedicated to him, apparently, and this playlist has been created to celebrate that. Dad rock is in abundance on this playlist, from the likes of Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Meat Loaf.

Surfin’ Bird – Bird is the Word!
If you’re a Family Guy fan, and why would you not be, then the words ‘Surfin’’ and ‘Bird’ will leave you as giddy as a school girl at a Justin Bieber gig. This absolutely genius playlist is a tribute to arguably the greatest ever episode of the long running animated series and is made up entirely of Surfin’ Bird. Granted, it may be an arduous listen from start to end but the Ramones version alone makes it worthy of your time.

T in the Park 2010
With arguably the strongest line-up of the festival season T in the Park is one of the hottest tickets of the summer. This playlist has everything needed to get you in the mood with everyone from Bombay Bicycle Club and Vampire Weekend to Kasabian and The Stranglers. Simply add Iron Bru and a fist fight with a Ned for that authentic T experience.

Cover vs. Original
This playlist is fantastic and frustrating in equal measure. Trying to decide whose version of Hurt, Feeling Good, What A Wonderful World , Hallelujah and the Man Who Sold The World you like best is a near impossible task. Gone on, try it.

Psychedelic UK
Get your tie-dye on, spark up your joss sticks and lie back on your bean bag. It’s time to get psychedelic, maaan. Either that or just listen to this playlist in your usual manner. Whichever method you decide upon you still get the pleasure of The Small Faces, Donovan, The Yardbirds, and Hendrix.


  1. A couple of playlists I’ve made based around the official BBC 6 Music weekly playlist, both of which are updated every Wednesday.

    BBC 6 Music Playlist:


    BBC 6 Music Ex-Playlist (with music that has featured on the original playlist, but has since been removed):


    Both have been featured on the homepage of Share My Playlists in the past few weeks, and the first one almost has 500 subscribers and 1000 plays from the Share My Playlists page, whilst the latter has just reached the 200 subscriber mark, so I’m really impressed 😀 I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I do!

  2. I’m waiting for the availability of ‘We no speak Americano’ in Holland!
    Spotify is Great! Go on!

  3. Yayy ;))

    I don’t know were i shuld write this but you on spotify can you please take with Gritz – My life be like ooh Aah?

    I have search on gritz on spotify but nooo it’s not commi’n up gritz =/


  4. Seriously, why does your real name (from facebook)show up on your spotify account for people other than your facebook-friends? People subscribing to playlists I share with them over my blog can see my real name and my username in a parantheses!

  5. i have made a new facebook profile , how do i change my old facebook to my new facebook on spotify ?

  6. Hey! If you like Electronica and Indie (and everything in between), you should check out my playlist “2010-06 – Erlend’s Soundtrack to June 2010”:

  7. One of my playlists, The Beatles covers. Nearly all the Beatles songs, covered. Variety of genres.

  8. Just love that partnership between ShareMyPlaylists.com and Spotify!!!

    Keep on going!