Spotify premieres on TVs in Sweden and Finland

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Spotify on TVs across Sweden and Finland. As part of our partnership with TeliaSonera we are making Spotify available to their digital TV subscribers as of today.

The app will be available to TeliaSonera digital TV customers who have subscribed to the Spotify Premium service. The app gives you access to a streamlined version of our music application that can be used to listen to Spotify playlists on your TV screen via the TeliaSonera remote control.

We’re really excited to be bringing Spotify straight into your living room – many of you have your sound systems hooked up to your TV and this is a great way to access your playlists from the comfort of your couch.

If you have a digital TV box from TeliaSonera that supports Spotify it will be automatically updated with the new app and you can login with your existing Spotify Premium account. For more details be sure to visit TeliaSonera’s Spotify page.


  1. Wow, what an excellent leap forward, lucky Sweden and Finland…

    Does this mean you’re looking at different distribution routes? PS3 for example?

  2. Great or anyone with a 1 bed flat and no Plasma screen. When will we see Spotify on Sonos? That would make Spotify perfect.

  3. The concept is awesome! The “platform” is really bad!
    I’m currently running those Motorola boxes with Telia-Lan (which I’m assuming it’ll be run on) and I’m telling you.. it is s l o w.

    I hope Spotify won’t spend too much time and money on it, OR start pushing Telia to choose better hardware.

  4. What about a Spotify widget for Sony Bravia Widget system ?
    No need for an external box and for a third party provider…

  5. Sweet!
    Sure hope you plan to expand this to other countries as well, like Norway.

  6. Spotify on my Xbox 360 would make me so happy. Being able to play a game and listen to some cracking tunes = heaven. Hurry up with the updates! haha

  7. If you ever have plans of doing this in Norway, please go with “GET”.
    Just because thats the cable company I use 😉

  8. Spotify on my desktop, spotify on my mobile, spotify on TV. BUT, can I somehow add spotify as a plugin on one of my websites so my visitors can search and play music on my site without me having to pay big money to my local artist rights foundation?

  9. How about you copy the Netflix streaming service to European TVs and desktops? We want flat-fee TV series and movies 🙂

  10. Spotify on Bravia would be great, Lovefilm have done it in the UK…
    jt_69.v said:”What about a Spotify widget for Sony Bravia Widget system ?
    No need for an external box and for a third party provider…”

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  12. Spotify on a Samsung TV screen. That’s would be great.
    Picassa, Yahoo, Facebook,… and where is Spotify!?!
    I’m going to buy one of these TVs and, belive it or not, this would be one of the conditions that would let me decide…

    Ah!, and in Spain too, please…