Drowned in May playlist

Welcome to founder of DrownedinSound.com Sean Adams’s playlist from the month of May.

Summer is here? Yes, summer is here. Sort of. Maybe. Who knows. By the time you read this there could be blizzards in Scandinavia and a mild frost in Surrey. However, for the month for the month of May 2010 the sun was shining and my stereo reflected as much, so what the hell, not everything on here was out this month but a lot of it will sounds great with the June sun pouring through your window and the breeze brushing your bare legs.

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1) Chilly Gonzales ‘Waves – Erol Alkan vs Boys Noize Piano Remake’

Gonzales has been chilling the world out with his pianos for longer than I’ve had hair on my 28-year-old chest. He is world renown genius, friends with/massively admired by Peaches, Feist and Jarvis but is barely known outside of certain in-the-know circles. If you are not so in-the-know, let this reworked version of a track from his forthcoming album via Erol Alkan’s _Phantasy_ label, easily one of my songs of the year, act as an introduction to the pianist with the pee-mostest.

2) Colder ‘To The Music’

With news of a new Interpol album causing a mixture of fear and excitement, I thought it about time that these frustratingly unknown French dark-wave riding electronic types Colder got some of the attention that their brooding dingy-disco deserved back in, oooh, 2005, right around the time when nearly every stereo in UK/Europe was still clogged up with The Killers’ Hot Fuss.

3) Soulwax ‘Too Many Djs’

We’ve heard rumblings that Soulwax are due back with some new material before the year is out. While you wait, here’s a certifiable T-U-N-E from the chaps also known as 2ManyDJs fromback around the turn of the century. Warning: features ridiculous flemish beat-boxing.

4) Tom Vek ‘I Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes’

There are also unconfirmed reports that Tom Vek has a new band. He’s been ‘missing’ for quite a while. He’s currently on a post-it note with the likes of The Rapture and Beck of acts due back this year but possibly not. Come back Tom… please?