Moving Day

We’ve had a lot of great new features and releases in the past few weeks and on top of all these changes we’ve managed to move to great new offices in London and Stockholm.

A few weeks ago our London team moved into a spacious new location in Soho, complete with ping-pong table and all.

And this past weekend our Stockholm crew completed its move to a nice big new space in central Stockholm. Last night we kicked off the new office with some champagne and strawberries and a great acoustic set from Joshua Radin.

Big thanks to everyone who helped with the moves and invested many hours to make the new offices feel like home.


  1. I bet i own you in table tennis 😛 But really nice offices! Good luck with them 😉

  2. “If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.”
    Nice quote you’ve chosen… 😉 Congrats for the new office! It looks great!

  3. Who doesn’t? 🙂 They don’t need Flex/Flash Developers.. so I’m out. Still I love music, maybe that counts in. 😀

  4. And now isn’t it a good idea to celebrate by sending me an invitation code?
    I’m just curious if my daughter will use spotify. (Don’t have creditcard or paypal by the way… do you consider iDeal?)

  5. First time I’ve seen/used Spotify it was in closed beta. It wasn’t under my current account. I’ve seen that day the huge social potential it had. A lot o people are moved and joined by music and music is a big and important part of their life. I’m one of those persons. In time I’ve seen the progress of this app and enjoyed every feature it got. I was a bit disappointed of the public release because it lacked a lot of the music I got familiar with. I bought an iPod Touch 2nd generation, and the main reason was listening to music with Spotify. I have no song in iTunes. I’m glad that Spotify surprises me everyday and it just works. Besides loving music, I love programming. I can say that Spotify is one of the best consumer application my eyes seen in my entire life. I’ll support it to continue being what it is. Good job guys and good luck!

  6. Love the ping pong table 😛 Not that I can play….. But keep up the good work 😀 The updates are great 🙂

  7. Suggestion about Spotify open – I don’t think the 20 hour limit is going to work – people will try it yes, but those who don’t want to pay will just go elsewhere – it also limits opportunities for advertisers – so both listeners and advertisers lose out.

    Instead why not take away the 20 hour limit but have the same amount of ads on Spotify Open / Free as on commercial radio? That way it is more likely to pay for itself, advertisers will be happy and people won’t go elsewhere when the first 20 hours are up. So that ads are targetted to the right people, get all free users to state whether they are male or female and their age – they then get streamed the ads that are relevant to them. Commercial radio has different formats with different ads for different people.

    People happily put up with up to 15 minutes of ads or more an hour on commercial radio and I’m sure that they would with Spotify if they knew that the ads were necessary to keep Spotify free and to give musicians a fair deal. Spotify Free didn’t work and never will work as it is because everyone wants something for nothing, no one really wants to pay for anything.

    But limiting use to 20 hours a month will only drive people away to other free services and Spotify will be the losers so my suggestion is to increase the limit but also the ads to a level at which Spotify Open can pay for itself.

    You’ve got to get this right NOW otherwise someone else will and will take most of your users. And it doesn’t matter how popular a service is if people are unhappy they quickly go elsewhere – if another provider is offering something better, word quickly spreads across the internet.

  8. @skywave-radio – You are of course assuming that Spotify open is all Spotify’s own idea and not something that is being forced upon them by the record industry.

    Spotify open was launched at exactly the same time that Spotify launched in the Netherlands. Users in the Netherlands don’t get any invites to give to their friends, even if they are premium subscribers, unlike all other countries where Spotify has launched where premium users receive two Spotify free invites per month. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    It’s pretty obvious that the record industry only allowed Spotify to launch in the Netherlands on condition that Spotify free would not be easily available to users in that country.

    I’m pretty sure that the whole Spotify open model is being forced onto Spotify and that they would much rather that Spotify free was available to everyone. Unfortunately the record industry is still not convinced that Spotify is really a good idea and is starting to impose even more restrictions than they do already.

  9. Hey, Andres, can you link to bigger versions of the pictures next time? It would be awesome. We wanna see the beauty faces of Spotify people! 😀

  10. @agaton -Unfortunately these were taken with low-res phone cameras mostly. We’ll try and keep a real camera handy in the future. 😉

  11. @andres – X10 from Sony has a generous 8.1mpx camera and the new iPhone has a 5mpx camera (and a Flash on it :)) )… so the real camera is useless with the new generation of phones that will come on our hands.