Spotify now available in Nokia’s Ovi store

Our Symbian application has been available for download since the fall but as of this week our app is also available in Nokia’s Ovi store.

The Ovi store allows you to download all sorts of mobile games, applications, videos, images, themes, and ringing tones to your device and we’re really happy to have our app alongside so many other great programs.


  1. Very good! I love your app and Ovi makes life a lot easier.

    How about that native Linux / Maemo / Meego version, so I could listen to Spotify on my N900 too? Closed source would do just fine 🙂 Shouldn’t be impossible as you’ve done it for the Android..?

  2. I’m more interested in an update of the spotify software for nokia and other phones that use the symbian platform than getting this info. We’re a lot of spotify premiumsubscribers that don’t use Iphone, you know 😉

  3. I go with rol84 here, please put some time into porting your nice application to native Linux (including Maemo/Meego) so we can use it on our phones and on our computers (without wine).

    rol84: Android isnt the same as linux when it comes to applications. the whole Android thing is java.

  4. Not available in the Dutch Ovi Store while spotify is available here in the Netherlands?

  5. And… where’s the promised Android update, again? 0.3.27 is still the only version available. Very disappointing…

  6. I just got rid of my Android HTC Magic and got back finally into the world of Nokia mobiles with the N900. Sadly, if I spend one more month without having access into a Spotify client for Maemo, I will have to quit my Premium Spotify status.
    I look forward to hearing from you with good news concerning to this. I think I am not the only one in this situation.

  7. We need a Symbian update! Until I don’t get the covers and memory space bugs fixed, I won’t pay more money! And we also want and social stuff; just like iPhone and Android users!

  8. When can we expect to see Spotify on a Balckberry. As a premium member, I am getting a little fed up with nothing being released (or even commincated out) about a future Blackberry release.

    The world doesn’t revolve around the iphone – there are many, mant, many premium members who are also Blackberry users.

    A statement would be appreciated.