Spotify Premium, Happy Go Lucky

They’ve been away for a while. Rumors had it that they were quitting but Empire Dogs have never had any plans to go quietly. Now they’re back with a brand new album Happy Go Lucky, which is to be released on May 19th. But Spotify listeners can listen to the whole album from today!

The album is the much anticipated follow up to 2004’s Empire Dogs – Love Attacks!!! The sound has changed a bit but there won’t be any doubt that you’re listening to the same band. Even though they went to India for a few gigs in the summer of 2006. The long process of making the new album has meant that they have had time to set up collaborations with Swedish artists and producers like Fabian Thorsson, Jocke Åhlund (The Teddybears) and Ola Salo (The Ark).

Swedish listeners can also win Spotify Premium accounts and Premium users can also win signed copies of “Happy Go Lucky”. Find out more here!


  1. cant favorite .in my iphone i can get into it.
    seth green academia inglesgarantizado

  2. Please Mr Sehr,
    Write proper English!

    “They’ve been away for a while. Rumors had it that they w(h)ere quitting but Empire Dogs ha(s)ve never had any plans to go quietly…”

    So annoying.