24 hour programming people

Love programming competitions? Who doesn’t?

This weekend is a big one with the world championship in 24-hour programming being decided in Budapest, Hungary. Taking part are 30 three person teams, that competed in an online competition back in March to qualify. Three of the teams come from KTH in Stockholm and are sponsored by Spotify because we definitely think programming competitions are fun. In fact, four out of the nine team members are Spotify engineers.

Among the teams competing are the reigning champs, who all happen to work here, and five previous or current Swedish champs. We wish them all good luck and hope they bring back the Cup that has been sitting nicely in our kitchen for the past twelve months.

The three Spotify sponsored teams are:

Balloons’R’us (reigning world champions)

  • Fredrik Niemelä (Spotify)
  • Gunnar Kreitz (Spotify)
  • Mattias de Zalenski (Spotify)


  • Marcus Forsell Stahre (Spotify)
  • Håkan Terelius
  • Elias Freider

#define lever (int i=0;i<1<

  • Anders Sjöqvist
  • Lukáš Poláček
  • Ulf Lundström

    If programming is your cup of tea then stay tuned for more details about the Spotify Programming Challenge (our first competition!) coming up in May. And while you’re at it why not check out our jobs site for exciting career opportunities.

    UPDATE:We failed to bring the cup back this year – perhaps some great new programming talent can help us reclaim it next year. 🙂 The winners were Rusty from Poland, who finished in 6th place 2008 and won 2006, congrats!

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    1. Good luck – I hope the people participating like assembly code!

      p.s. shouldn’t it say ‘Taking part are 30 three-person teams’.. 3 teams of 30 would be silly!

    2. Thanks guys, that is exactly what I meant, those would have been some pretty big teams. 🙂 I’ve corrected the post.

    3. Why was the months best new album removed today? (the Radio Dept. – Clinging to a Scheme)

    4. @erixone: That’s all a bit of a mystery as to why it was removed yesterday. Hopefully it will be back soon.

      PS. Good luck to the Spotify teams!

    5. DO I have the newest and latest version of Spotify? How can I check that? I have Spotify premium.

      Thank you.

    6. I don’t think you do Liv Marie.
      Just download it again from spotify, and you’ll get the lates version.

    7. Ok maybe this post here is a little bit out of place, but I don’t know where else I can put this comment that could make some people notice.

      I really want to know why Spotify is trying to make more social networking functions in a music-listening programme???? i really think it is totally irrelevant and unnecessary.

      We already have enough dumb networking stuff flooding on internet, facebook, Myspace, MSN, google buzz,blablabla, can’t spotify just improve more in the MUSIC direction?

      Fox example, I would really like it if spotify can judge people’s music taste and recommand new songs in a smarter way just like what Pandora does. It’s a shame that they have IP restriction otherwise I’d rather use that programme because the POINT OF USING SPOTIFY is to listen to good MUSIC, while I go somewhere to make friends if I need to.

    8. Sorry you didn’t get the cup, better luck next year. How about you get your ninja coders to whittle us out a native Linux client in the meantime.

      I can’t give you a prize, but I might start paying for Spotify…

    9. Will Poland win this year again? I bl**dy hope so. Then you should make Spotify free in there too.

      Oh hang on a sec, my friend tells me there are invitations now and nobody really has them unless they pay so… is Spotify not free anymore?! I set up my account ages ago and had no idea that people now have to get invited and pay and…

      So the age of ionnocence is gone, eh? typical.. Now connect it to facec**k, mysp**k, google, youtube, yahoo, msn and whatever else out there possible, and drown. in your own. sh**.

    10. make spotify free in Poland, attract the best programmers to develop spotify!

    11. Our team also would like to be sponsored by Spotify next year. How is it possible? What should we do?


    12. Regarding Linux -> It runs in Wine, however its not the same as a native app, I know 😦 I hope a client is in the making.

      Regarding the name: #define lever (int i=0;i<1<

      Its a programming challenge, the name is parts of the C++ programming language.