A selection of playlists for April

This is the second post in our series of playlists courtesy of ShareMyPlaylists.com. You can check out our March post and thousands more playlists at ShareMyPlaylists.com.

The Soundtrack to March 2010
This is a playlist brimming with absolute class. It is so full of quality music that it is hard to know where exactly to begin, so, deep breath. Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip’s new tune Get Better is inspirational, uplifting and catchy as hell. Plan B’s new single She Said showcases his new found penchant for soulful crooning beautifully. Goldfrapp are back with Rocket which is a slice of pure 80s synth joy, I Feel Better is another rhythmical triumph from Hot Chip and any collaboration between Gorillaz, Gruff Rhys and De La Soul can only end in total sonic success. And exhale, and then repeat the playlist as many times as necessary (lots).

If you combine Jeremy Clarkson’s dress sense, Mark Lawrenson’s hair, and Bruce Forsyth’s jokes, this freakish amalgamation of television personalises is unlikely to produce an avid fan of German underground minimal techno. Chances are, it will result in is a good old fashioned Dadrock fan. Yes, this playlist is held up by Phil Collins, Dire Straits and Cliff but there is also some tunes that do not require an embarrassing mid-life crisis air guitar to fully enjoy. The inclusion of James Brown, Talking Heads and Michael Jackson means that there is something for everyone here, although we do strongly recommend thick gauge corduroy trousers and an ill-fitting denim shirt to fully appreciate this play list.

ASOT Top 20 2009
If, like me, your a fan of dutch DJs with square heads and spikey hair, glowsticks, big fish, little fish and also cardboard boxes, then this is the playlist for you. All the big players in trance are present Cosmic Gate, Paul Van Dyk and the man who is, inexplicably, regularly voted Number one in DJ in the world in DJ magazine’s Top 100 list, Armin Van Buuren. LETS AV’IT!

Acoustic Vol.1
If your not so keen on reaching for the lasers then perhaps this collection of down-tempo classics will be more to your taste. An eclectic mixture of old and new with some legendary tracks from Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and Paul Weller, infused with some modern beautys from Ben Watt, Elbow and Radiohead.

Best sports arena anthems
Depending on which sports you enjoy watching and more importantly the team you support – Football (soccer if you live over the pond) and Sunderland (you definitely wont of heard of them if you live over the pond) in my case – then the pre, post and half-time music can often be the highlight of an otherwise miserable spectators experience. If you too feel my pain then this is the playlist for you. Everything from The Rolling Stones and Queen to Ramones and Nirvana feature here, throw in some American stadium rock – Kiss, Twisted Sister and Guns N’ Roses – and some cheesy floor fillers – Snap!, 2 Unlimited and House Of Pain – and you have the total sports tunes package. Also, if you have been to any football ground in England, anywhere, ever than chances are you will have sang ‘DER DER DER DER DER DERRR DERRRRR’ at the top of your voice. . . The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army, for those that haven’t.

Spotlight on Chick Lit
When I’m not sipping cocktails and talking about the latest man in my life with my three favourite gal pals in some trendy Manhattan wine bar, I’m reading a ‘chick lit’ book. My only wish is that there was a collection of music to soundtrack both my life and the books that i read. Well now there is and its by author of Spotlight, Ilana Fox. Girls Aloud and Madonna go straight into Hole and Kings Of Leon amongst many other fabulous girlie anthems. You go get’em sister!

Save BBC 6music

We all know it is absolute bollocks that old Auntie Beeb is getting rid of the last bastion of new and underground music. So why not show your support for 6music by sending a stern (but fair) email telling the BBC how miffed you will be if they go ahead and give it the chop. While your doing so why not listen to this little gem of playlist and your outraged musings will be soundtracked by The Fall, Mos Def, Public Image Limited, Half Man Half Biscuit, Super Furry Animals and many, many more. Stern (but fair remember) emails should be sent to the BBC Trust at srconsultation@bbc.co.uk.

Solid, out and out, pure gold tunes!
Ah remember the good old days of the swinging sixties and wild seventies? Nah, me neither because I’m proper young innit. But what i do know is that there is some spectacular music emanating from that era. Tunes don’t get much cooler than The Small Faces, Herbie Hancock, The Beach Boys, Nina Simone, Bo Diddley and, well i could continue but I’m so young my short attention span won’t allow me to. I’m putting N-Dubz on and going happy slapping in a hoody. Just have a listen yourself.

20 Years of BritPop
Blur Vs. Oasis, Lad Mags, Cool Britannia, Hooch, being a bloody big ‘lad/ladette’ and Tony Blair’s lovely fresh face giving us all political hope are just a few of the things i associate with ‘Britpop’. Unfortunately, there was also some truly awful music around at the time but luckily for us none of that features in this playlist. This is a monster of a collection with multiple tracks from literally every great band of the last twenty years. Honestly, check for yourself.

New and Good

This is a really cool little playlist with some of the hottest music around at the moment. If you haven’t already heard them, The Drums are a fantastic new band with a beautiful sunshine indie-pop sound. The Mars Volta are another band that sometimes slip under the radar but their unique brand of ferocious prog-rock and sheer technical ability is a must for all music fans. Huge tunes from Hot Club De Paris, You Say Party! We Say Die! and Cold War Kids all sit nicely amongst a plethora of other great bands.


  1. I didn’t actually know where to write this, but could you please add some music from Kapre Diem, like – Ruter, osv 😀 ?

  2. Holy shit alot of my playlists has gotten red all of the sudden. 😦
    Whats going on? Did something special happen? Or am I just really unlucky?