A selection of playlists for April

This is the second post in our series of playlists courtesy of ShareMyPlaylists.com. You can check out our March post and thousands more playlists at ShareMyPlaylists.com.

The Soundtrack to March 2010
This is a playlist brimming with absolute class. It is so full of quality music that it is hard to know where exactly to begin, so, deep breath. Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip’s new tune Get Better is inspirational, uplifting and catchy as hell. Plan B’s new single She Said showcases his new found penchant for soulful crooning beautifully. Goldfrapp are back with Rocket which is a slice of pure 80s synth joy, I Feel Better is another rhythmical triumph from Hot Chip and any collaboration between Gorillaz, Gruff Rhys and De La Soul can only end in total sonic success. And exhale, and then repeat the playlist as many times as necessary (lots).

If you combine Jeremy Clarkson’s dress sense, Mark Lawrenson’s hair, and Bruce Forsyth’s jokes, this freakish amalgamation of television personalises is unlikely to produce an avid fan of German underground minimal techno. Chances are, it will result in is a good old fashioned Dadrock fan. Yes, this playlist is held up by Phil Collins, Dire Straits and Cliff but there is also some tunes that do not require an embarrassing mid-life crisis air guitar to fully enjoy. The inclusion of James Brown, Talking Heads and Michael Jackson means that there is something for everyone here, although we do strongly recommend thick gauge corduroy trousers and an ill-fitting denim shirt to fully appreciate this play list.

ASOT Top 20 2009
If, like me, your a fan of dutch DJs with square heads and spikey hair, glowsticks, big fish, little fish and also cardboard boxes, then this is the playlist for you. All the big players in trance are present Cosmic Gate, Paul Van Dyk and the man who is, inexplicably, regularly voted Number one in DJ in the world in DJ magazine’s Top 100 list, Armin Van Buuren. LETS AV’IT!