Music Hack Day: Good bye Stockholm, hello Amsterdam

Remember the Music Hack Day in Stockholm back in February? We sure do, and that’s why we’re happy to announce that we’re going to Amsterdam to participate at the upcoming Music Hack Day during April 24th & 25th.

If everything goes according to plans, we’ll announce some updates to our libspotify library during the event. We won’t reveal more updates just yet, but we think that you’re going to like them.

What else then? Since we’re always impressed by nifty services and applications that are using our APIs, we’re going to hand out some prizes to cool hacks that are built upon our stuff. What a shame that someone just revealed a really cool hack the other day – it won’t be eligible for the prizes.

Last but not least – we know how much hard work it takes to make this kind of event to happen, why we’ll team up with the organizers to make sure that there’s breakfast readily available for those who need a pause from the intensive 24 hour coding marathon. You’ll need some energy if you’re building stuff as cool as this.

Hope to see you in Amsterdam!


  1. @cymro2009
    Lookup the label and convince them to add their catalouge to Spotify!

  2. It would be really nice if you guys could add a donate to artist button to Spotify, where ALL the money from donations would go directly to the artist.

  3. yes first u pay the u get fucked in ur ass fucking spotify,try frostwire instead its free

  4. Disappointing that the updates to libspotify didn’t include linux on arm support. Release that and you’ll have spotify support on maemo/meego before the first meego devices hit the market.

  5. @bladesteel it would be neat, but the current license agreement does not allow libspotify running on mobile devices – sorry!

  6. @turk182 – we would love to be there, but unfortunately we can’t make it this time. We’d love to see you in Stockholm though, since there might be another MHD early next year!