Spotify iPhone app update coming soon

It’s been a little while since we first released our iPhone app to the public and many of you have been wondering when you’re going to see an update. Well, we’re happy to announce that earlier today we submitted a new version to the nice people over at Apple for approval.

Along with a number of fixes to the app we’ve added a range of great new features. Some of the additions include:

  • scrobbling.
  • The ability to open and play Spotify links e.g. straight from your Facebook app or browser.
  • Save time and space by using tracks already stored on your iPod in your playlists – there’s no need to sync those track anymore.
  • Save and find your favourite tracks and albums with the Starred playlist and Star buttons (also coming to the desktop version soon!).
  • Support for listening at 96 kb/s for more efficient streaming on slow connections.

Stay tuned to our blog for more news in the coming weeks.


  1. Good sound-quality and queue is for me most important.
    Would be nice if you can chose to download soundtracks with 3g also to tour playlist, not just with wifi.

  2. Does the following line from the update mean that we will now finally be able to put songs into apotify (on the iphone at least) that arent actually on Spotify?

    Save time and space by using tracks already stored on your iPod in your playlists – there’s no need to sync those track anymore.

  3. Here are the features I would like to see on the iPhone / desktop apps. I left my Napster To Go subscription after 3 years after I got my Spotify Premium subscription and I hope you can make it even better…


    1. PLAY QUEUE for the iPhone app. Being able to do a two finger touch or some kind of swipe to add a specific song or album to the Play Queue (or a specific playlist) would be SO useful. At the moment if you click a song it starts playing it straight away (and stops playing the current song) which is not what I want to do half the time. Quite a few commenters above have asked for this so you can see how important a request it is!

    2. CLEVER SEARCH for the iPhone app. On the desktop app if you type an artist or song title slightly incorrectly Spotify will come up with a “Did you mean … ?” option. It’s easy to make a mistake typing the title out on the iPhone so this would be really useful! Or failing that having the option to have Auto Correction enabled or disabled when searching.

    3. LANDSCAPE MODE for the iPhone. This could just display the list of songs that are currently queued up or simple rotate the list of current search results or playlist tracks so that you can see more of the titles without them being cut off. Which leads me to…

    4. SMALLER FONT SIZE. At the moment long song titles just get cut off with “…” at the end of them. If you made the font size smaller you could fit much more on there (or make text size an option in the Settings) or better still just auto scroll the song info like you do on the desktop app.

    5. “VOICE-OVER” like feature like on the iPods where song info is “spoken” when a new song starts playing. A lot of the time you don’t want to get your iPhone out of your pocket to see what song’s just started playing and this way you can quickly decide to skip or carry on listening.

    6. API FOR WINDOWS + MAC OS. You’ve had the API on Linux for sometime but what about the two major operating systems? It’d be great for people to create their own programs which make use of Spotify. The API doesn’t even have to stream any music, just give us the option to navigate currently playing music, add to the play queue and search for songs etc. Tying into this point…

    7. SPOTIFY REMOTE APP for computers and mobiles. Being able to control a Spotify computer connected to a stereo using your iPhone would be awesome. In fact just adding a “Add Song to Desktop Play Queue” would be so cool let along navigation! There are already third party remote apps but they lack a lot of features because of the lack of a simple and non-Linux API.

    8. PLAYLIST FOLDERS / SORTING. I have way too many playlists at the moment and it’s a pain scrolling through them all. If we could add Playlist Folders so we could group playlists (e.g. Home, Work, Rock, New etc.) it would make a big difference. Also, the ability to sort playlists by name or date added would be a big bonus!

    9. Comments + Ratings. Someone above mentioned having a comments system. That would be great! Being able to comment or create forums on specific songs and albums would really create a community atmosphere and you could have recommendations from other users for similar songs and artists. User ratings for songs would be nice as well and being able to sort by those ratings when searching would be a powerful tool.

    9. Shared Playlists Statistics. It’d be really nice to know how many people are actually following my playlist. As soon as someone adds your playlist then the “Followers” count could be incremented and when they delete it it could be decremented. This way you could also have a completely new Community section on the desktop app where you could see the most popular playlists. Or you could use some kind of algorithm to determine how popular a playlist is.

    This could tie in with allowing users to make certain playlists public so that if you like a particular playlist you could automatically see all the other playlists that user has. You could also have celebrity playlists or featured playlists that the staff have found interesting for example.

    Finally, being able to add comments to individual songs on your playlist so that listeners would know why you chose that song and provide more background info on it (e.g. “We all used to listen to this at Uni before going out” or “This reminds me of Summer” etc.). And of course being able to comment on the playlist as a whole with other listeners saying what they think of the playlist.

    Phew! That’s all for now. You guys are pretty innovative so hopefully you’ll be able to add most if not all of those features in the near future!


  4. I canceled my Spotify subscription a few months ago because i found the iPhone app lacking. Hoping to see the following in the next update:

    1) Ability to share and use both Spotify and HTTP urls via the clipboard. If I get a link in email I’d like to copy it and paste it into Spotify. Bonus points if I can just click on the link! (doesnt work with either kind of link in current version). Would also like to copy the URL for selected track or album what whatever purpose, eg to paste in an email or Twitter client. I see you’ll be supporting Twitter in some way but I still waste copy/paste flexibility.

    2) Full state save. So I if I close the app and reopen it carries on where it left off. I remember doing a search, playing music via the search, closing the app temporarily, then it forgot what was playing and the search criteria too. This drove me up the wall.

    3) Builtin way of discovering new music. Bonus points for a fleshed out social way of rating music. This is really essential.

    4) Hopefully less battery drain. More optimal decoder.

    Those were my pet peeves. Fingers crossed they’ve been addressed…

  5. I hope all this features will come to the Android version.
    There is no approuval on the Android Market πŸ˜‰

  6. Any chance it will be possible to see the year an album was made? Related artists?

  7. Please let us sort the playlist by artist/songname! It’s a bitch to find your songs!

  8. I have Spotify both on my iPhone and on my home computer which is connected to my home stereo. It should be great to have the option in the iPhone app to choose where to play the music; computer or iPhone. Both devices are connected to my Wifi.

  9. or, instead (or also) of sorting by artist/track, add a search for offline tracks!! that would be A+

  10. Sounds great, folks. Question though; how many of the new features will work in offline mode (for the iPod touch, say) where relevant? Will there be any caching of scrobbles, for example?

  11. What is wrong with Spotify recently? Every time I connect, I keep losing all the songs i’ve stored offline. Also, when I search for songs online, it takes longer than usual. I’m also experiencing problems trying to listen to songs? As a premium account holder, I expect a lot better. Can you please sort this out. Thank you.

  12. Why is there no Spotify for Windows Mobile user’s? Whit all the limitations iPhone has there is a lot of people using other OS systems on there phone….

  13. Finally, this is my most used app on my iPhone, it has it’s flaws but it’s an amazing app, pity it gets low star rating in the app store 😦

  14. This is a nice update, but I hope to see more of the features like the PC versions have. Like: Top lists, sort after artist, song name etc. and queue.

  15. Looking forward to the new client! As a lot of people are saying here; you should consider adding the queue-function. Would be nice to tap a song and then get the option to choose play, queue or add to playlist.

    I also like to see a browse function, something like the iTunes app on the iPhone. With top lists, new releases etc.

  16. One thing that I REALLY need is as simple as the top five of every artist! Like in the windows version… It is so hard to know what to play when you just got a bunch of album titles! Given that it is about 10 bad song in one good one it would be good to port the rating system to the mobile version, then I have all that I need!

  17. Although none of the new features are not really for me, I’m glad that the app finally gets and update! I really hope the update will also address the slow startup, random crashes and the strange slow down when using the app for a long period. Thank you spotify staff for your efforts!

  18. So this must mean I can play Spotify content alongside stuff that isn’t available on Spotify, yes?

  19. @vurtual – No, the bullet point means that rather than having to sync the song from our servers it will play it off the save track on the iPod instead.

  20. I’m sure that everyone who listens with bluetooth headphones/speakers would appreciate a return of the in-app volume control, since the iphone’s physical volume control buttons are are disabled during a2dp streaming.

  21. Apple are not nice people! The iPhone in it’s closed world absolutely sucks. Go Android!

  22. When I update the Application, on the AppStore it says v4.0, after the update i still have the 3.20 version. (No new features or anything) I tried removing spotify, rebooting and reinstalling, then rebooting again… Did not help, and caused more pain syncing all my offline playlists ALL over again… Did you guys upload the wrong version to Apple or is it something wierd going on?

  23. The Update DOESN’T WORK! I have just had a Restoring icon for about 2 hrs!!! PLEASE HELP!

  24. giorgi i have the same problem… I pay for a service that doesnt work… great!

  25. I just downloaded the update for Spotify on Iphone but I cant find any Star buttons. I just have the + sign “Add to playlist” button instead.

  26. Em just downloaded the new version of spotify but there’s no star buttons? Plus there’s a little glitch with blank album art at the top of playlists. Any idea guys?

  27. I tried reinstalling it this morning, seems fine now! Lacking star-buttons, but LOVE the scrobbling and sharing options! ❀

  28. Where’s it all gone?? Updated to new Iphone app told I had 3 devices running , read some advice to delete and then reload , delete and then can’t find the app in the store. What’s happened ?

  29. If I load this update will loose all of my off line down loaded songs again???

  30. Just updated to the latest version and nothing works now! I’ve removed the app, rebooted, re-installed, but still doesn’t play anything and I can’t search.

  31. ***********************************************************
    * Please make it easier to delete the ‘now playing’ track *

    it’s so frustrating when you are listening to music on the iPhone and a song you don’t enjoy starts playing from your playlist.. all you want to do it delete it quickly and listen to the next song immediately. It’s a great way to manage playlists especially when you don’t have much time to do that on your PC at work or at home.

    Unfortunately to delete the song that’s ‘now playing’ you need to go and find it in the playlist first.. not an easy thing to do if you have 1000 tracks in your playlist!

    * Please make it easier to delete the ‘now playing’ track *