Spotify Premium, The Anatomy Of Timo Räisänen

With no less than four solo albums behind him Swedish indie superstar, Timo Räisänen could easily kick back and maintain his position on the Swedish music scene without breaking a sweat. But, that´s just not his style. After hosting the P3 Guld Awards and more recently Melodifestivalen’s “Eftersnack”, Timo can finally focus on his own music.

His long anticipated album, The Anatomy Of Timo Räisänen, is set to be released next week but Spotify Premium users in Sweden, Norway and Finland can listen to the full album starting today. Timo fans might also enjoy his very own Spotify playlist.

Also, Timo’s label is giving premium users in Sweden the chance to win tickets to one of nine shows of Timo’s upcoming live tour. To enter the competition for tickets go to official contest page.


  1. Nothing to do with Timo, is just a suggestion to improve Spotify.

    I do not have a problem yet, but in a few months I will have hundreds of playlists and it will start to be difficult to keep everything sorted.

    Can you implement FOLDERS which can contain Playlists?… or nested playslists… or something like that? 🙂 It will be very useful.

    And also tab browsing into spotify.

    Please send this comment to whoever can have an use for it and delete it.


  2. nice, BUT:::
    I miss some songs that are blowing up(debuted on the top100 billboard list and climbing) are for exampel, T.I. – I’m back,
    Drake – Over etc etc! GET EEEM!! we need them!