Spotify Premium, Nomy’s Disconnected

We’ve got a great pre-release for all premium users to tell you about – for the next two weeks you’ll be able to listen exclusively to Nomy’s new release, Disconnected.

Nomy is a great example of a DIY artist who’s achieved huge success. He records all his own music in his modest home studio which set him back about $2200, with this he became one of the top artists on Spotify last year. So check out his new album on premium for the next two weeks and also give a listen to his back catalogue, all available on Spotify.


  1. Något jag verkligen saknar på Spotify är svensk punk – framförallt det som givits ut genom åren på Birdnest, Beat Butchers och liknande bolag. Om ni fixar det har ni en premiumkund till 🙂

  2. Svensk punk? Kolla in Trevolt och Troublemakers. Nomy är inte punk, men han är grym!

  3. Nice people who put heart and ideas on the top. Nothing else matters.
    Like these guys:
    Check it out.

  4. Ni kan Ta er i Röven Den Jävla Reklamen på Spotify jag hör den hela tiden Skit Reklam

  5. TA Bort Reklamen Reklamen Reklamen Reklamen SNälllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa