Spotify Premium Sweden, are you a robot?

A great contest for Spotify Premium users in Sweden today. First up is a chance to win two tickets to an exclusive gig to see critically acclaimed Marina And The Diamonds live at Södra bar in Stockholm on March 5th. Head over to the contest page for your chance to win, the winner will be picked March 3rd.


  1. Are there any plans to work with venues in other Swedish cities, like Malmö and Gothenburg? I’m sure many venues here in Malmö would love to work with you for competitions and such. Even competitions for events in Copenhagen would be appreciated – living in Malmö, Copenhagen is 35 minutes away, whereas Stockholm is 6 hours away. All the Swedish Spotify Premium competitions seem to be aimed towards Stockholm.

  2. I hope her last album “The Family Jewels” will be released on spotify France ASAP 🙂 can’t wait !