New Jimi Hendrix video exclusively on Spotify

Starting today we’re hosting the first ever, full length music video on Spotify and it’s one we’re really excited about – the world premiere of Jim Hendrix’ new video. “Bleeding Heart” is directed by Julien Temple and depicts Jimi Hendrix playing at Glastonbury, the performance he never managed to give before he died. The video kicks off Sony Music’s global promotional campaign for Hendrix’s upcoming album Valleys of Neptune.

The video is being release a few weeks before Jimi’s new album, Valleys of Neptune, which will be available exclusively for Spotify Premium subscribers starting March 4th. Valleys of Neptune features twelve stunning studio recordings tracks, many of which have never been heard before.

In addition to the video and pre-release we’re going to be hosting an exciting contest next week, stay tuned for more on this.

You can view the video within Spotify Free as a pop-up on the homepage or if you are a premium user here on the blog.


  1. “..which will be available exclusively for Spotify Premium subscribers starting March 4th. ”


  2. Did I understand this right “This video will be available to view exclusively by users of the Spotify Free service across Europe”? Why should we premium users not be able to see it?

  3. I don’t get this. Where can I see this video? Is it not available for Premium subscribers, but only for Free users? If that’s the case, that’s pretty retarded…

  4. ^^ perhaps they are telling us to stop paying for their service… Sounds pretty backwards if the video is only available for Free users. As a premium subscriber I would expect to have access to everything.

  5. I’m more interested in how this dude made a video of a performance Jimi Hendrix never made?? Wat.

  6. Great news about video coming to spotify, will it also be coming to the spotify mobile apps as well? Specifically in my case the iPhone

  7. The video shows up on the Home-tab in Spotify for free accounts. I guess they consider it an ad.

    I can’t get it to play though 😦

  8. Normally I wouldn’t bother commenting on something like this, but is this seriously only available to people *not* willing to pay for your service?

    If that’s the case it’s ridiculous. This is my 4th month of premium subscription, which for the most part is great, but this is simply backwards, irritating, and quite frankly a stupid decision.

    If on the other hand I’m simply misunderstanding, feel free to update your post to reflect more clearly that you’re not trying to bite the hand that feeds you.

  9. This is poor marketing. Firstly, the video was hard to find. Secondly, it was crap and a disgrace to a music legend. Can’t believe Sony Music paid for that.

  10. I couldn’t belive it at first, but the sitting next to me using a Free account could see the video and I couldn’t. This “Free only” seems really stupid.

  11. Now I understand. This isn’t anything new. This apporoach has been shown before. This seems to be an advertesing thing, not an new feature.
    You wrote this like as an “update” for Spotify, but it seems to be a ads campaign for free users on the blog.

  12. I can just agree with all the other comments. this looked to me as a new feature. that it now was possible to play music videos in Spotify. If thats not the case, Please don’t post any more updates that is false marketing.

  13. I just went on a friend’s free account and saw the damn video in the homepage….

    Why isnt this available to spotify premium users? why ???????

    Seriously??? What the f*ck ??

  14. ok, so you gave up on giving us listing updates (yeah yeah I know the song, “we changed the system”, yadda yadda), and now spotify turns into a SONY (or whatever corporate mogul who doesn’t know the difference between music and washing powder) crappy video promotion service ?
    well, your choice, just don’t give us the “we love music, we love independant artists” etc anymore, because it sounds more & more surreal every passing day…

    and Hendrix would die of shame in his vomit (if he didn’t already :D) seeing such marketing crap…

    last but not least, the service is degraded for long weeks now, it’s a miracle if I can listen to a disc without buffering pauses in the middle of the songs, we don’t want crap videos to take the already too busy bandwidth, there’s already youtube for that…

  15. This is seriously bad.
    I’ve been hoping for music videos on spotify. But now when you realese one. It’s just promotional and not available to premium users?
    You guys are amazing but… this is kind of bad. (as everyone else also has been saying)

  16. Numpties.
    Of course Premium users can see it, everyone can, just use your eyeballs to find the glaringly obvious links, then click.
    On the What’s New page the video is right there in the middle.
    On you do have to hang on till the text at the top above the tabs scrolls through to the Jimi link.
    ‘Available exclusively for Spotify Premium users starting March 4th’ refers to the album release.
    Seems we have some basic literacy issues here people ;P

  17. This video is brilliant, and the song is superb – did anyone else see Kate Moss in there?

    I’m definately getting the album, it has to be number 1!

  18. simply marvellous!Oh, I´m so happy to have been able to watch it! Bless SPOTIFY!

  19. what are you people complaining about? the video is here, and as a happy premium SPOTifier I can enjoy it as many times as I like!

  20. so let me get this straight: this video is viewable in Spotify for free users and for premium users it’s only viewable on the website? In crappy flash? what is this i dont even.

  21. ok ok ok I have just recently just joined spotify and read all the shit you guys posted. I was there! Yep. old fart! No one has commented on the performance, the atmosphere, the anarchy, the shit that went on!!!!! I think I crashed (way too much rocky!) maybe (from an experienced serial festival goer from the time!) concentrate on the artist rather than the commercial side. although the video is seriously far far far from reality, try you tube, search and search (try looking at Free,s performance and you will only just begin to know what the I.O.W festival was REALLY all about!!!!!! Rock on !Big john from glasgow. much love and peace!!XXXXXXXXXXX

  22. contrived crap go to you tube and see the real thing! easy!!!!!!!. (probly now get banned from spoty!)

  23. Could you please upload Chester See – Tonight I know and God Damn you’re Beautiful?

  24. Hey guys, this is pretty effin’ embarrassing, especially for you.
    I’ve been a premium member for quite some time, paying for the sole reason that you’ve had flawless execution from more or less day one.

    With the recent bandwidth problems, as well as this extremely clumsy music video launch, I am seriously considering canceling my subscription.

    Get your shit together and go back to the good ol’ days when I was proud to say I paid for Spotify.

  25. Another rock instition raped by the scenesters. What a truly awful, infuriating video.

  26. Wasn’t that a huge fail. Can’t find the video anywhere, the link doesn’t work and the flash-thingy embedded in this post just says “…cannot be viewed from your current country or location.” A complete waste of time.

  27. The video is being release a few weeks before Jimi’s new album, Valleys of Neptune, which will be available exclusively for Spotify Premium subscribers starting March 4th.


    You can view the video within Spotify Free as a pop-up on the homepage or if you are a premium user here on the blog.

    The reason the reason free users can see the video is simply for marketing the album…


  28. yo estoy mirando en esta pagina y el video no lo veo y soy premiun, como lo hago

  29. Pretty disappointing not to be able to watch it in the spotify client…. This is what premium users pay for? Come on, do better next time 😉

  30. Yeah were’s the album?, there´s a single but it’s not listenable.