Top lists – see what’s popular

Our Top lists feature has been a little slow to update recently but that should all be resolved now and the lists are updated early each week based on your past week’s listening history. So if you’re curious to see what track or artist you’ve recently been listening to the most, then you can view your top ten tracks, albums and artists as well as the top 100 hits in various different countries.

To see the top lists head to the Home page, then click on the Top lists tab. There you will see drop down menus where you can select various different views.


  1. “a little slow to update recently” meaning “updated 3 or 4 times in the last year”… Glad to see this issue has finally been resolved.

  2. I like the desktop app. When is functionality like this going to make it over to the iPhone app? It is really bare-bones at the moment. At the very least, a history function would be lovely. So much potential being wasted.

  3. For all people that just love listening statistics I can really recommend signing up at and then start scrobbling your Spotify tracks! That’s a really good feature that I’m really glad you guys implemented. I _really_ hope that the scrobbling functionality is coming to the mobile version of Spotify soon.

  4. We need these features on the mobile apps. Especially need to be able to search offline (or at the least be able to sort offline music by artist/song/album).

    Keep up the good work though!

  5. PLEASEEE! I almost promise that if u add i made it by kevin ruolf it will be top 1 in every countrey!!! :]
    thank uu!

  6. hi. i would be very happy if you guys added some more volbeat-songs, lika “maybelline i hofteholder”, “we”, “Garden’s tale” and “still counting”. you have some volbeat-songs now but their latest record isn’t added yet! thank you for a wonderful musicprogram by the way!:D

  7. can you please add some more Breaking benjamin albums,they will be popular i promise!!

  8. Please update your api!

    Alot of pepole wanting to make god services, but cant because a limited api.

  9. not sure where to put this comment, so here it will come!
    please please please go to work to get some more latin american music on the program, me and my friends here feel like we’re missing an entire continent of music (I bought premium before moving here) I would love to see the spanish content of Sean Paul, not just his european releases! Thanks! You’re doing great work changing the world of music and culture-sharing!