Issues with Symantec anti-virus

Earlier today we were alerted by a number of users that Spotify was being blocked by various versions of Symantec/Norton anti-virus products. This caused the anti-virus software to falsely identify Spotify as a Trojan. I can assure you that Spotify is not a Trojan, this is simply a misunderstanding on Symantec’s part.

Both Spotify and Symantec are aware of this problem and they have been very quick to respond and release an update for their anti-virus software.

We’re told by Symantec that if you are running SEP or SAV, then Rapid Release definitions have just been released dated 28/01/2010 rev. 2 – these also have the fix included. They will be included in the next full release for both SEP and SAV. You can also manually download and install the new Rapid Release if you’d like. More help can be found on our forums.

If you need to reinstall Spotify it is quite easy to do and you can always log in with your existing account, no need to create a new one. You can download the installer from our website if necessary. Once you’ve restarted Spotify you may need to go to the Internet Properties in Symantec/Norton and ensure that Spotify is not blocked so it can connect to the internet.

We’re really sorry that this happened but we hope everyone can get back up and running soon.

Update: Symantec have updated Norton Antivirus (using Live Update). After that you may nee to restore the spotify.exe -file from the Antivirus quarantine list and Spotify should then work.