Music Hack Day – this weekend in Stockholm

After the successful events in London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Boston, Music Hack Day is coming to Stockholm. Music Hack Day, you might wonder… what is that?

In short, the Music Hack Day initiative is a super intensive 24 hour event that tries to gather some of the world’s most interesting technology startups in the music industry; Spotify, SoundCloud, SongKick, Playdar, and the Echo Nest are only some of the participants that will join forces during a weekend of innovation and creativity.

The event will take place this weekend, the 30th & 31st of January, at the Doberman HQ in Stockholm. We’re really proud to be a part of the event, and are hoping that we see some really cool hacks coming out of it.


  1. Good luck in your programming🙂 hope it brings some nice hacks to light!

  2. Hack together a scrobbling ( function for Android client😉 Or the ability to control one instance of Spotify with another, e.g. controlling Spotify for desktops with mobile client (or the other way around), would be cool.

  3. förhoppningsvis slÀpps en iphone/touch remote app frÄn spotify sjÀlva vÀldigt snart som innehÄller allt som vanliga iphone appen har, allsÄ du ska kunna styra spotify pÄ datorn via din iphone/touch, tÀnker inte ni pÄ spotify sjÀlva göra den sÄ lÄt grabbarna i norge fÄ tillgÄng till skrollning bland lÄtar sÄ som i vanliga appen.

    Spotify ÄGER!!

  4. @commanderswe
    No Im pretty sure it just noticed that spotify.exe is protected by an exe encryption scheme designed to make it as hard as possible to analyse the executable so that people cant reverse engineer it. This happens to make it impossible for anti virus software to analyse for virus signatures. Also, the encryption software is in wide use by malware (they use it illegally) and therefor a bunch of AV just report anything protected by it as malware until whitelisted.

  5. Maybe they could help you to inform your users of new albums added to your system!

  6. hi. I think it’s bad that you just have VOLBEAT’s oldest album on Spotify and would like you added in their two other albums, too. it is my favorite band and I want so badly to listen to them, but their oldest album is getting boring to listen to. would like to have the others too.

  7. “Major Minor” Correction (btw, where should such information as follows really go?):

    The composer of “The Lark Ascending: Romance for Violin and Orchestra” is Vaughan Williams, not ‘Ludvig van Beethoven’ as its entry on Nigel Kennedy’s “Greatest Hits” has it – links:

  8. I’ve run a virus scan using Avast! Internet Security 5 and Spotify.exe is fine (as I expected). I guess the encryption system and maybe the streaming files part might confuse some Anti-Virus software :