Spotify Premium, TiK ToK

A slew of pre-release today to let you know about. First off for Spotify Premium users in France we have the latest album from Luke. Their new album, D’autre Part, is available exclusively on Spotify for the next two weeks and users can also enter a contest to meet the band in person.

For subscribers in the UK we have the debut release from Ke$ha who has been lighting up the charts with her single, TiK ToK. Her album, Animal, is being released in the UK next week but premium subscribers can listen to it here first.

In Sweden, Norway and Finland we have the latest release from Swedish pop group Freda’. Their new album, Ett mysterium, is now available for subscribers.

Also available today for premium subscribers in Sweden, this one from British electropop band Hot Chip. Their new album, One Life Stand, is the follow up to the hugely successful 2008 album, Made in the Dark.

Our final pre-release today comes from Finnish group, Husky Rescue, who will be releasing their new album, Ship Of Light, shortly and are making it available to all users before it’s release.


  1. How come the new HotChip (which is a british band) is only available in Sweden? 😦

  2. The Guardian has an ‘exclusive preview’ of One Life Stand today. It’d be really nice to have it here for my playlists.

  3. When will be seeing Glee: The Music Vol. 1 by the Glee Cast from the hit US TV show Glee.

  4. Are you planning on ever saying what happened to the lostprophets – the betrayed? You mentioned it on your jan 18th new releases blog then it went on the 19th, came back on the 20th the went off on the 21st. It hasn’t come back yet. Any chance of some information/customer support. The are 2 open issues in your support forum. One a member of staff has commented on but with only a bit of info and the other has been ignored completely. Please just say if you are going to get this album back or not! That’s all it takes!!!!!!!

  5. i would like to be able to add tracks from my own personal library to spotify, using it as a media player. i hate the fact that i cant add songs that i like to playlists cause you dont have them in ur library, plus i want to be able to listen to local bands that probably will never make it on spotify.

  6. Can you list when albums are removed as well as released? I listened to Crystal Stilts yesterday…today the album has completely vanished. Is it coming back? In general it’d be nice to know if these vanishing albums are permanent or just errors to be rectified. Out of interest could you produce figures to show how many have been removed in a week compared to added.

  7. Thanks, very nice, Huscy Rescue for all users! BUT HEY, it is NOT available in FINLAND? If you say that it’s available for all users, then why it’s not?

  8. Hehehe, sorry my mistake 🙂 It’s not available if you click the link on your blog post, but if you just search for Huscy Rescue and find the album that way then you can listen for it 😀

  9. Hey thanks for all the new music, but Charlotte Gainsbourg´s “IRM” won´t play:( It says “There is a problem with the connection to Spotify. Please try again shortly(7)”. It doesn´t make much sense, all the other music is playing ok, apart from this great album. Can you fix this please?

  10. I have noticed that Marina & The Diamonds songs been deleted off Spotify? Any particular reason why this has occurred?

  11. I need these on spotify. If They already is there.. make them work in Sweden.

    Plain White T’s with the albums:
    Big Bad World
    All That We Needed

    Byz – Why Do We Always Fight?
    Byz – Sad Story

  12. I would like more older music, like jazz from 20s and 30s. As a refernce the music from he movie “The Great Gatsby”