Spotify Premium, Fast Lane

Today we have a few pre-releases for Spotify Premium subscribers.

First up for subscribers in Finland is the new release from Husky Rescue. The ambient-pop band from Helsinki is releasing their fourth studio album, Ship Of Light, and you can hear it first here on Spotify.

The second pre-release is for subscribers in Sweden, Norway and Finland we also have an album from Andreas Grega. His debut album, En sak i taget, is available exclusively to Spotify Premium subscribers and they also have the chance to see him live in concert, simply head over to the official contest page to enter and win.


  1. You should make Therese Engdahl searchable as “Lotess” – her name as artist nowadays! (You’ve got her Single Till K√§rleken (2009)in the Spotify database.)

  2. Hardly any interesting update this month for French or Spanish Premium users! No new catalogue update since november. What is happening?

  3. Please could you add the new Owl City album to the Spotify music database. It is called Ocean Eyes and contains FireFlies.

  4. Why did you make it that people have to have an “invite” from PAYING users. Because of your actions, people will start to resort back to piracy and illegally downloading music. I do believe that the reason spotify was created was so that people can have FREE music. Soon you will make us people on free accounts start paying. I do believe that it is unfair to charge users to allow non users to join. Please consider this message.

  5. I think that it would be a loved function to be able to organize playlists in folders!

  6. Spotify Premium, Slow Lane

    Why can’t I for example listen to Alexandra Burke, Joe McElderly, Cheryl Cole, Sugababes (new track), JLS… ? It just says “This track is currently not available in Sweden” – Now I have to download this music through other channels and I’m thinking of terminating my Premium account.

    I hope you will put some pressure on the record companies to stop this madness!

  7. Please add songs from “Den Svenska Bj√∂rnstammen”… It would make me the happiest man on the palnet.

  8. Hi ! you guys need to update some bands like blessthefall, bring me the horizon, the word alive, adept, lower than atlantis alesana and more. They all have new albums but they are not on spotify yet that’s sucks

  9. What about stop removing good music first before adding this kind of crap music no one cares about?

    I canceled my subscription because you removed some of my favorite music. Guess torrents are the only way to go in the digital world. Sigh.