Vote for the 2010 Grammis

Top Swedish artists will be recognized later this week at the Grammis. The award ceremonies are taking place at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm and you can join in and vote for you favorites at the official website.

Additionally, our friends over at Telia are offering users a chance to attend the after party so head over to contest page and enter.


  1. Hi
    Soptify has deleted my favorite song, it would be nice if you add it again.

    Heartbeats by Grum

    This song is Awesome.

  2. english
    can somone give me spotify invations

    kan noken gi meg spotif ivitasjon

  3. why don’t you have 50 cents old albums? like power of the dollar can you add them pls;)

  4. please, I would love to have the swedish song; Jag vill inte förklara med Julia Holmström on spotify. Please!
    It’s a wonderful song, so beautiful.

  5. I have some complains to Spotify:

    1. Spotify ignores for instance winner of Grammis 2010 for classical music (Sonanza). Why?

    2. Listing of classical music is very bad. There are lot of wrong information, or lack of information. Listing of composers DOESN’T EXIST! It is totaly bad. Second, some pieces one can’t find because there is not listed composers name.

  6. I think they should make T-Ride available on Spotify. The strangest thing about them is that now one has heard of them but every time I play them to someone they fall in love with them at the first listen !