Alicia in concert

Back in December we had the exclusive release of Alicia Keys new album, The Element of Freedom. As part of the release we also had a number of concert tickets to give away.

The winners have been picked and notified and the UK winners already attended the exclusive release party in London. One winner, Cheryl, has blogged about her night out and we just wanted to highlight her post for our readers.

We’ll have more contests for Spotify Premium users in 2010 so stay tuned to this blog for all the latest news.


  1. WHAT??? I didn’t win???
    What is the world coming to?
    Oh well.
    What is happening to the musicupdates anyway?
    I loved those googledocs. They set me on the path to new discoveries.

  2. same question as venturelli & mhhanssen.
    You just can’t create an addiction & full stop 😀

    Hope we don’t have to stick with blind searches & laughable audio announces about Robbie Williams new stuff…

  3. We made some changes to the way we add music which made it very difficult to pull the list of new music as we previously had.

    We’re still continually adding new music every week and we’re looking into different ways to display new releases or get the list back up so hopefully we can start publishing again.

  4. @andres You need to sort something out. It’s a bit lame that you’re adding lots of music and no one knows anything about it. I expect the artists and record labels are none too pleased either.

  5. It’s like going into Argos and wanting to buy some music, but they have no catalogues to browse through…. Or going into hmv and asking what new releases they have and they just point at the a-z section. i have faith that it will get sorted out, maybe just a tweek to make the ‘whats new’ section bigger temporarily.

  6. @andres, again: The solution ist VERY easy: just publish the upload date of newly added tracks via Spotify’s API and everyone should be happy again!

  7. hi, how do i change from offline mode on my spotify? cuz i can’t play anything.

  8. eh, at least we can still type year:2010 to get a bit of what’s new here 🙂
    once you crawl past the Jimi Hendrix & Elvis Presley 2010 (?!), you can get some good stuff

    for indie crowds, I see the new Bettie Serveert “Pharmacy of love”

    for the cool jazz/hippie/whatever, the new Build an ark “love part 1” is a must, as if you were teletransported in Alice Coltrane & Pharoah Sanders magic era (69-73)

    in ravish techno, there’s that Hakan Lidoo vs Magnum 38 ep “you don’t like it”, not on tigerbass but it sounds the same 🙂

    for dubstep heads, I can see the double album by DZ “proliferation sequence” parts one & two

    …and while it’s nothing new per se, the digital reissues of the bureau B label (type label:”bureau b”) will get you a bunch of marvels by Eno / Moebius /Roedelius/Faust etc
    the only 2010 addition on Bureau B is Moebius “Tonspuren” but it seems you can’t still listen to it (I can’t in France at least)

    that’ll be all for tonight 🙂

  9. Hi people. In Spain we’re having problems about taking Spotify Premium. I want to pay it, but it says “No es posible aceptar pagos en este momento”, and it is happening since New Years Eve. Happy 2010 😉

  10. I agree. Spotify has to inform its listeners about added/removed tracks. It’s just proper customer care.

  11. Give The Spotify guys a break. They cant get every single song on the planet on Spotify in a week.

  12. Adam Greens new Album “Minor Love” was added to Spotify within the past few days – spotify:album:0DrcpT8wjpjWV9K2rz409C