Spotify holiday pre-releases

A couple of pre-releases just before the holidays to let you know about.

For all UK listeners we have the debut album by Colorado electronic duo 3OH!3. Their album, WANT, was released to rave reviews in the US and will be out on December 28th.

For Spotify Premium users in Sweden we have a new album from Swedish pop band Hästpojken. Their second album, Från Där Jag Ropar, is available now exclusively on Spotify.

Our final pre-release is also for Spotify Premium users in Sweden and comes from Swedish artist Daniel Gilbert. His new album, New African Sports, Soul Café Club No 1, is released next month but can be heard on Spotify starting today. Daniel has also put together a personal playlist of inspiring tracks that he’d like everyone to check out.


  1. Have you stopped with the google docs update files you used to have? The latest one is almost one month old? Has there not been any new updates since then?

  2. @paulsmith – we’re still adding content every week but we’ve changed the way we add it a little which has made it difficult to generate the documents to post. We’re working to change that and hopefully we can start posting again.

  3. @andres
    The google docs document is still a very clumsy method of informing your users of newly added content. You really need to find some way of making it easier to find newly added content from within the Spotify client application.

  4. As a stopgap, until you come up with a much better way to surface next/existing content, I’d suggest a “recently added” to spotify playlist. it’s not a perfect solution and would be extremely long but I’d definitely peruse through it!

  5. @digithed – Agreed, were using this opportunity to also look at other ways we can display the data and in-client would be best solution.

  6. @andres
    What about making some sort of song tracking system, where you let the user “watch” songs or artists by typing in their names, and maybe get an alert on their Spotify home screen if (when) you add that artist/song to their region.
    That would be sweet!

  7. is the rumour of integration for reccomended artists and the like, still just that, a rumour?? or is something in the works – i do recall seeing a screenshot somewhere of an ‘expand playlist’ button!

  8. also this must be something your already working on, but when adding songs to a playlist, is there a way of telling if it’s already in one… to save duplicating. Maybe an icon next to the track name..

  9. Will the function seen on his playlist be able for everyone soon? I want to write information like that over my playlists.

  10. Great!

    Don’t forget to update the “Spotify Premium pre-releases” playlist 🙂

  11. Hey guys, check out freshspotify, they give you email alerts for material added by chosen artist.

  12. I believe that Joshua Radin’s newest album has disappeared off the face of spotify today. Do songs disappear as easily as they come on? I was thinking about becoming a premium member but if a whole album can disappear that quickly i’m not to sure?

  13. You should uploading the new uplugged track of “One Time” (My heart edition by Justin Bieber. It would be awesome for Xmas, so ❤ Thanks you for all Spotify!

  14. The last Google doc detailing what’s new on Spotify was made available a month ago on November 24th. At that time:

    Spotify UK track count, Wed Nov 24th: 5,486,733 tracks


    Spotify UK track count, Tue Dec 22nd: 5,976,413 tracks

    That’s 489,680 new tracks! I’m sure there’s lots of great new stuff there I’d love to listen to, if only I knew what to look for. Until Spotify sort this out, I’ve been using a “Labels on Spotify” post on my blog to quickly check if there’s anything new from my favourite record labels:

    Click a link then compare the track counts. New music is always at the bottom of the list, so scroll and scroll and scroll again to hear the new tunes.

  15. I would love to be able to subscribe to changes to specific bands and stuff. So that I’d be notified when they are changed. Or added for that matter. That would be lovely.

  16. Why isn’t the new Stereophonics album available for free members!?! i have been waiting since October!

  17. spotify you are doing an absoloutely AMAZING job it’s just that you are only adding songs that are ENGLISH you could possibly add some more indian tracks too that would be ONE less thing for my brother to complain about BUT OVERALL OTHER THAN THAT KEEP IT UP SPOTIFY

  18. or even spanish …french any sort of other music as well as the latest releases….

  19. some suggestions could be Imran Khan…..Miss Pooja……Latest hindi films released BUT as i said KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 🙂

  20. Has the volume been turned down on Spotify? The free service seems very quiet!