Spotify Premium e-cards, just in time for the holidays

We’re rolling out e-cards today so that you can purchase and send the gift of Spotify Premium to your family or friends for the holidays.

You’ll be able to purchase either one, three or six month premium subscriptions and send your loved ones a tastefully designed email or print out the gift to place under the Christmas tree this holiday season.

Gift codes can then be redeemed on our site so you and your friends can enjoy classic holidays music ad free and on the go.

French Summary:
Voici venues les cartes cadeau Spotify Premium que vous pouvez acheter pour offrir un abonnement Premium à vos amis ou à votre famille pour les fêtes.

Vous avez la possibilité d’offrir un abonnement Premium de 1, 3 ou 6 mois et de l’envoyer à qui vous le voulez, accompagné d’un email personnalisé ou d’imprimer votre carte pour la déposer sous le sapin.

Les codes figurant sur les cartes cadeau doivent ensuite être échangés sur notre site. Ainsi vos amis pourront profiter de leur musique préférée sans publicité et où qu’ils soient.


  1. To use the print out option do I need to put my own email address in the “Recipient email:” box?

  2. @adamoc – No, you don’t need to but you could. You can print and mail you a copy just in case you want to have an electronic version as well.

  3. Ok, I just wasn’t sure if the recipient would receive an email blowing the surprise, that’s all.

  4. One question: if gift subscription renewal thereof will also charge my account or the recipient?

  5. @hispania – the gifts do not renew. They are one off purchases so no future charge to you or the recipient.

  6. What about making the giftcard like an CD cover? A nice Spotify cd-cover with an gift code 🙂

  7. Just to confirm – If you don’t want an e-mail sent to the recipient (i.e. you just want to print out a voucher) should you leave the recipient e-mail field blank on the first page?

  8. I think Spotify will need to resolve, or help us to resolve, the problem with the intermittent gaps in the music we get with the premium account when streaming music. As it stands I would not give it as a gift. See the support forum.

  9. I would like to get these if there was Spotify on Windows Mobile.. Htc HD2

  10. The Spotify banner advert for this is worded quite strangely – is this a translation mistake?

    “Buy Spotify Premium to someone you like for Christmas.”

    Shouldn’t it be:

    “Give Spotify Premium to…”
    “Buy Spotify Premium for…”

    Just something I noticed and thought you should know about…

  11. You have named one song wrong:

    Pengabrorsan – Bara ett fån gör så mot sig själv(Is actually: Falling In Love(with Christmas Time).

    Can’t find “Bara ett fån…”..

  12. The add for these is ridiculous in Finnish, both how it sounds and what is said. Including www comma spotify comma com…

  13. I think it’s somewhat unclear, if I type in the recipient’s email-adress, will they get an email with the coupon and, if so, when? I don’t want they to get it before Christmas Eve.

  14. @stormhill – You’ll be given the option of either emailing the gift to the recipient or if you’d prefer you can print it out and give it to them in person later.

  15. The Finnish ad really is terrible and makes me want to turn off the sound completely. Clearly the person’s mother tongue isn’t Finnish, which in itself wouldn’t bother me. But what he says sounds unintentionally goofy because of the mistakes and is something which could’ve come from Google Translator. Leaves a really amateurish impression.

  16. This idea is wonderful, and I believe the ad looks really nice! However, the Norwegian translation is somewhat grammatically incorrect. It says:

    “Få noen til å føle seg spesiell ved å gi de en Spotify Premium”

    But maybe it should rather be:

    “Få noen til å føle seg spesiell ved å gi dem Spotify Premium”

    I simply believe it is worth noticing.

  17. One thing that would be nice to add on spotify is an equalizer, that we can change the bass for example. This is for spotify premium users ofc 🙂

    En sak som skulle varit bra att lägga till på spotify är en equalizer som man kan ändra bas och diskant till exempel. Till exempel en tjänst för spotify premium.

  18. Will the gift amount start ticking right away, or will it start the first time they log into Spotify and register their gift?

  19. why is the premium gift cards not available in other countries other than the set 6 or so countries as you are able to buy the spotify premium service if you are not in the 6 or so set countries.

  20. I would be great if the succesfully activated gifts would show under “share spotify” like the invitations. Now I’m wondering if my friends have received the emails, it’s not very cool to ask around “did you receive my gift” 🙂

    Otherwise it’s great that you can now gift premium.

  21. funny that the payment option always is down when I am trying to use the gift card…

  22. Can I send the e-card to someone who does not have a spotify account? I want to do this as I have no more invites to send and I hoped that in sending an e-card will allow a new user to setup an account?

  23. […] Para compensar os prejuízos por essa falha de segurança, a empresa distribuiu cartões virtuais premium (códigos premium)  no natal de 2009 que permitiu que os beneficiários atualizassem uma conta para o status de “Premium” para 1, 3, 6 ou 12 meses. [6] […]