Rodrigo y Gabriela UK giveaway

A little heads up about a promotion currently running with Mexican musical duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. In support of their great new album, 11:11, they are handing out a free download on 7Digital in the UK and a big discount on the full album. So whether you’re a long time fan or have never heard them before, head over to the download page and grab a copy of the track for yourself.


  1. Fantastic, thanks!

    Also, I think you guys should check your Get Satisfaction forums more often 1) to prevent people endlessly posting about unrelated problems in the blog comments, 2) update the situation on what’s “under consideration”, “completed”, etc. I think it’s long outdated.

  2. I´ve got an awesome suggestion!!!
    I haven´t read the post cos I´m just gonna share my awesome suggestion. Because it´s awesome…
    I think that spotify shoulg have a link or something where you can click and you´ll see the lyrics to the song or maybe the chords also.
    I´m sorry if ýoor shocked, I can´t help it. It was the idea that was so awesome.

  3. Why do you deleted the songs of Sangtraït in Spotify?


    I will use Ares, lol

    Good luck, bye…xD

  4. How about making a voluntary donation system, Like an online version of “Money Into the Hat” ? So that artists could get more money from their music ? Or possibly you could have an option where people added 3-4 euro on their monthly subscription, this money could be distributed among their favourite artists according to the percentage of plays they get in a months period..

  5. Yeah yeah yeah, Donkeyboy has a record out, WE GET IT. You really, REALLY REALLY need to have more difference commercials.

  6. Good work on the ‘Ween’ front. Pure guava is a good catch….Push the litle daises and make then come up…..:)spotify:track:2fX2DfFf5Qq1kYpHu8OMlC

  7. @cactus: Just get premium and you have all the service with less annoyance. It’s worth it.

  8. You guys have to fix the mess on The Bring Me The Horizon page. All the names on the Album Count Your Blessings is messed up! And talk with Visible Noise and get the Suicide Season album :D!

  9. Please Please, make spotify social, have a chat feature, or even just your friends ‘now playing’ and access to their playlists exetera. I WILL Work for you guys one day. I have so many great ideas for this platform.

  10. Make spotify social? Oh, please don’t – that would really be an annoying waste of screen estate.