Spotify Premium, Outta My Head


A couple of pre-releases today to let you know about – first one for subscribers in Finland is Echo from English R&B singer–songwriter Leona Lewis. The former X Factor winner teams up with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Ryan Tedder for her second studio album.

The second pre-release is from the Swedish hip-hop artists Maskinen. Their debut album Boys II Men is out later this month but Spotify Premium subscribers in Sweden, Norway and Finland can listen to it starting today.


  1. cezz, we just had it with the Robbie Williams album. Also had it on a couple of others, so we aren’t being left out completely 🙂

  2. Plz make this album availabe to non-spotify premium members i absulotly love leona lewis!!! 🙂

  3. ilovejb why dont you get a premium acaunt? then you can listen to it.. then you help spotify to get world wide.. so all the artist see that this is the future..

  4. How come Leona Lewis’ album is available for Finland only? She is a UK star from X Factor, surely we should have pre-release!!!!

  5. 3 days ago wilvers said
    “How come Leona Lewis’ album is available for Finland only? She is a UK star from X Factor, surely we should have pre-release!!!!”
    That’ why they did a pre-release here in Finland…
    I just hope that it sells well at UK. Love it and i think that it is a classic and a must. (Bought the Deluxe mY self)

  6. Spotify is going down hill – the top UK cd’s all not available on Spotify – Leona Lewis, JLS, Will Young, Snow Patrol… but all of them available on Sky Songs, and that’s ony £6.49 AND you get to keep one downloaded CD for good aswell.
    Come on Spotify – we pay a premium for your service and you’re letting us down.

  7. Have to say I’m a little disappointed at the fact that Leona’s album is STILL not available in the UK. I understood the Finland pre-release but assumed if that was the case, it would at least be made available on release day in the UK. The poster above is right…no Leona, no JLS, no Will Young…if this continues I will be thinking of cancelling my premium subscription.

  8. I agree with the above poster as well. Other music streaming services seem to be able to manage it like we7 so why can’t people in the UK listen to it yet. Its been out now for nearly 3 days!

  9. I agree with all of above. Have been looking on Spotify all week for Leona’s album and am get more and more frustrated that it’s not here. I love Spotify, but if it’s not going to have the latest albums made available I will have to consider cancelling my subscription.

    The other REALLY bad thing here is that even if Spotify weren’t able to make Leona’s album available just yet, they should post something on here saying WHY it’s not there!!! Come on, it’s basic customer service!!!

  10. This may be the explanation to the problem:
    Andres said two days ago on the community support forum: We’ve had some technical problems updating our music catalogue this week, we hope to have it solved soon and be able to add the latest releases shortly.
    Here is the link:

    For now I’m just listening on We7 and coping with the adverts!
    Maybe I should not post this here but anyway what option do we have, here is the link for Echo on We7:!albumId=413483
    Hopfully this problem will be resolved soon

  11. Good news People Echo has finally been unlocked!
    It only took 5 days!
    I do understand that the problem may have had something to do with the technical problems adding updating the catalog. I just hope this problem does not happen again. It would also be useful if Spotify could post something on the blog next time a problem like this occurs

  12. Hey i could not find a propper place to put this so i put it here 🙂
    there is a mistake in the library
    there are two bands named “The Warlocks”
    one is a rock band
    another is a rapgroup from norway
    would be great if you sorted this out 😀
    so the right people get paid for peoples listening 🙂
    and i can find the music i want to hear 😀
    love spotify tho!!