Robbie Williams’ new album to debut exclusively on Spotify in the UK


It’s our great pleasure to announce that this Friday, November 6th, we’ll be unveiling Robbie Williams’ comeback album “Reality Killed The Video Star”, exclusively to all of our users in the UK, in advance of the album’s official launch on November 9th.

The album was produced by Trevor Horn and features twelve brand new tracks (plus one reprise), including the singles “Bodies” and “You Know Me”. The album will be made available exclusively to every one of our UK users at the turn of midnight this Friday.

So is “Reality Killed The Video Star” a return to form? Before next Monday’s official launch, there’s only one way to find out.

As part of this exclusive we’ve also had Robbie put together a playlist of some of his favourites tracks over his career and another playlist highlighting tracks from his musical heroes.


  1. hey guys just wondering why songs seem to randomly dissapear from my spotify playlist? its been happening to a few of my songs recently!
    cheers guys,

  2. Hi Jamie, this can happen if songs are removed from the Spotify catalogue for some reason. (Not sure of the reasons, but they’re usually to do with licensing.)

    If you want to check which songs have been removed, go into the Edit > Preferences menu, and there should be an option called something like “Hide Unplayable Tracks” – untick this, and your ‘disappeared’ songs will reappear in red.

    If you right-click on an unavailable song (or a playlist containing unplayable tracks), you should see an option called “Replace Unplayable Tracks”, which will attempt to find a playable version of your missing tracks. For instance, sometimes the Special Edition version of an album might disappear, but the same track is still available on the Standard Edition.

  3. Hi spotify! why don’t you aim for the students and give us discount on spotify? i thing alot of students would pay for premium if it would be half the prize.

  4. Hi Spotify! I am wondering when Shwayze’s new album “Let It Beat” which was released today, 3rd of November, is going to be online for Spotify-users?

  5. Hi Spotify,
    Please can you provide liner information albums/eps/singles – Producer, Engineer, Studios, Label etc?


    Since when? It will be only this song? Or is this an advancement of a (I hope soon) full Led Zeppelin catalogue release on Spotify?

  7. Wonder what I pay my ten quid a month for! I thought it was to have access to this kind of stuff before the non-subscribers. Maybe time to go back to non-subscription now then.

  8. I just bought it from your service with 7digital. I am a premium user of Spotify. I have the file but I must tell you that it was a pain to go through the process and I can’t even add the file on my purchases list.

  9. This is all well and good but robbie williams annoys me. I want to know if Lady Gaga’s album The Fame Monster will be on Spotify UK on the 23rd Nov?
    If not then im going out and buying it. Ill be gutted if they dont get it on spotify.