PayPal now fully supported


Just wanted to briefly let everyone know that PayPal is now fully supported in all of our launch countries. So if you’re in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain or France and have been waiting for PayPal before upgrading to Spotify Premium then now’s your chance.

French summary: Un petit mot pour vous dire que vous pouvez désormais utiliser PayPal pour vous abonner à Spotify dans tous les pays dans lesquels Spotify est disponible. Si vous attendiez de pouvoir utiliser PayPal pour vous abonner à Spotify Premium, il est temps de le faire!

Spanish summary: Sólo queríamos informaros a todos que Paypal ahora se admite como sistema de pago en los paises en los que opera Spotify. Así que si estás en Suecia, Noruega, Finlandia , España o Francia y estabas esperando a Paypal antes de actualizar a Spotify Premium, ya no esperes más!


  1. I think this is a big improvement that improves the chances to survive as service in the style today slighly.
    Good work guys

  2. Thnak you, now i might pay! But 99NOK is still too much per month, 50 is more fair 😉

  3. Nice work! I was however wondering if it is easy, as a current subscriber, to switch from using a credit card to using paypal or do I have to cancel my sunscribtion and resubscribe? Thanks

  4. What about gift subscriptions? E.g. if I want to give my girlfriend a month of spotify premium?

  5. What about Paypal in day pass of 24 h.?? That’s what I wanted!So..not’s fully supported 😦

  6. Seems like you need to add a credit / debit card to your Paypal account to pay for this stuff in Sweden. That kind of defeats the whole point…

  7. Like k-zadron, I’d like to complain on the payment system which requires a credit/debit card to be added to your Paypal account to pay for Spotify Premium. You need to accept bank transfer on Paypal!
    I got extremely happy when I saw you guys were taking Paypal now, so I can finally get Premium. Don’t disappoint. >:

  8. ok I’m in now Paypal works in France, that’s the good part.
    the bad part for you is I’m a fucking annoying customer 😉

    so let’s start with something I quickly checked : BITRATE/QUALITY
    To my surprise, there are still countless albums in my playlists that are not available in better quality than your standard ogg q5, and yes I cleaned the cache/checked the “high bitrate” case first…

    seems all the recent updates are available at high quality, but it certainly doesn’t extend to all the stuff (if none ?) available on your database previously to your June announce.

    I remember you told us it would take some weeks to recode everything. makes sense. now it’s four months. so did you just drop it to work fulltime on those phone things and give up on your “old” catalog ?

  9. @gondwana – Somewhere around 70% of the catalogue is currently in higher bit rate and the process is still ongoing. The vast majority of listened to tracks have been converted as we work from popularity.

  10. thanks
    too bad I’m not that concerned with “music for the masses” 🙂
    ah well, I’ll check end november to see if there’s serious progress and if not, I’ll just stop premium some months the time for Spotify to get the job done…
    and PLEASE it would be nice if you could make a blog entry the day you reach 100%…

  11. Why can’t I use the funds in my Paypal account to pay the Premium account ? The site keep asking me for a credit card. What’s the point in including Paypal if we still need a card to pay ?

  12. @nico : no it doesn’t, although the page could have been done better : just log in the RIGHT part of the page, the credit card thingie on the left is for people who still don’t have a paypal account.

  13. Great – they add paypal then mess it up by sticking a subscription model on top of it. I want paypal to gain control over when people take money from my account. This flies in the face of it. Won’t be parting with my money until I get a one-off payment option.

  14. @ mrstwinkle :
    all you have to do is ONE click right on the page after the subscription model to cancel the recurrent paiement part. It’s not like your badly tied 🙂

  15. Wow, that’s a step in the right direction! But why not add the PayPal function to the Day Pass too? That’s what I was waiting for. I’m not using Spotify so much, so Premium is a little waste of money for me. But if I were able to buy a Day Pass with PayPal, I would definitely buy it very often!

  16. 1. Get higher bitrate – done by spotify, but not enough appearently. It doesnt go for 100% of the content. And now we wanted iPhone and Android clients
    2. Android and iPhone, check. But where is Symbian? And too few songs on Spotify.
    3. Offline mode and more songs check. Now, Paypal (many persons said that they couldnt go for Spotify Premium since it doesnt support Maestro)
    4. Paypal, check. BUT OHH NOOOO! Only for UK, which means that a few people refused to take part of it since it wasnt supported in EVERY Spotify country.
    5. Paypal all over Spotify. BUT, OH NOOO AGAIN! Something is wrong with the payment plan.
    6. 70% of content on High Bitrate, still not enough…appearently

    Why arent people getting satisfied? They never get satisfied, always coming up with something new to complain about and giving new reasons for not signing up for Spotify Premium.

    Man, people suck 😛

  17. Hey guys… i have just suffer an embarrasing Spotify moment with my friends because YOU don’t have a PAYPAL option for DAY PASS.
    Do you want to lose some loyal costumers just because of that?
    Please, do something ASAP.
    Thanks in advance.

  18. @akselus — you wrote:
    “Why arent people getting satisfied? They never get satisfied, always coming up with something new to complain about and giving new reasons for not signing up for Spotify Premium.”

    That’s just the new “Internet Generation” at work: “I want EVERYTHING, I want it NOW and I don’t see any particular reason to PAY for it, regardless of how fantastic the product might be”. Some people just don’t seem to understand what Spotify (and perhaps a few others) are doing? They’re changing and transforming the entire system of how people will enjoy music and perhaps other forms of entertainment. You can rest assured that this means A LOT of work “behind the scenes”.

  19. akselus / drfm : not it’s not the “new internet generation that wants everything and now” .
    we’re talking about a PAYING (premium) service here. And when I got less than half of my playlists content in high quality while I payed…for this high quality, yes there’s a problem even if your malfunctioning brains&ears can’t get it. (Try to imagine you go in an expansive restaurant and they serve you mc-donald’s standard, and maybe you’ll start to get the picture…) and of course I know Spotify is changing the rules, we are a few millions having noticed that, thanks for this completely useless note.
    I praised spotify for long months and I’m glad for all that it represents, I also thanked Andres for his clear/honest answer above. but that doesn’t change anything to the fact one would have to be pretty stupid to pay for a monthy high quality stream when he doesn’t get it for most of he stuff he listens to so if it takes 3 or 6 more months to deliver high quality streams on the stuff I listen, well I’ll be happy to go premium again…when it’s done , as I’m no Mother Teresa and Spotify isn’t too , which is perfectly fine 😉

  20. It would be nice to be nice to be able to buy Spotify pro in blocks of 1 month, 3 months, 12 months etc. without have to commit to a subscription., and buy Spotify from a local shop (like Payzone in the UK). Would be good for teenagers.

  21. akselus / drfm –> i agree 100%. Well written.
    And remeber, for every complaining person, there´s 1000 people who are satisfied with what you at Spotify do. I´m one of them. Keep up the great work!

  22. I was just about to get premium, when I discovered that you require Paypal to get credit card information. That defeats the entire thing, as I use Paypal since I don’t have a credit card. Please fix ASAP.

  23. Thank you very much because I was waiting for Paypal, I don’t like to give the number of my credit card in Internet. Now I’m goin’ to use it. Thanh you very much from Premia de Mar, Barcelona.

  24. I found an error in the play que segment. (where is the error report form.. When you are marking more than 100 Tracks – You can´t delete them all.

  25. Paypal and spotify on my mobile are absolutely awesome features, now, I need spotify to run without the need of computer on something like squeezebox.

  26. I would really love to be able to try Spotify premium without having to give Spotify folks my credit card or Paypal info. Too bad it doesn’t seem possible. Open it is, then.