Spotify teams up with 3 UK


We’re happy to announce that we’ve struck a deal with 3 UK to bring Spotify Mobile to its customers from November. 3 is a great partner for us as it has a long history of bringing popular internet services, such as Skype and Facebook, to its mobile customers.

Spotify Mobile will initially be available on the HTC Hero which will be the first Android handset to launch on 3. If you’re interested in getting more news, head over to the 3’s official site and sign up your email.


  1. And when are you going to release Symbian app???

    Symbian is the most popular mobile phone platform and you are developing Spotify for damn HTC, Android and iPhone!?!?

  2. AND it comes with a free two-year subscription, apparently! That’s what 3’s official site appears to say, anyway.

    Actually, can you clarify that? Also, the 3 site says: “your 24-month Spotify Premium subscription (worth £240) will be included as a voucher in the HTC box” – does this mean that existing Premium subscribers (i.e. me) will be able to apply this 24-month voucher to their existing account?

  3. Its an android phone, the carrier doesn’t matter -as long as you can afford the bandwidth or have a good plan-. I dont think a deal with 3 is good anyway, you would never have any internet connection to use spotify.

  4. @kristianukkola

    Chillout this isnt a kindergarten, pick up your toys and wait in line

  5. @studleyuk – Spotify will be bundled with the HTC phones that 3 will start to sell. You should be able to signup regardless of it your an existing premium subscriber or not.

  6. @youngy
    Mind your own business.

    I just wanted to say it straight to Spotify. You are doing it wrong.

  7. @kristianukkola

    I was just letting you know the HTC Hero was an Android, no need to be defensive about it.


  8. i’ve never been able to use ‘3’ Networks “free” Skype service as I can almost never log in, so I won’t be holding my breathe for Spotify on ‘3’. Their Internet service is a joke, they tell me the service in my area is “excellent” but I can rarely get a 3G signal at all.

  9. I’m on 3 and the signal is great, I think they are the best network, definitely in terms of 3G coverage. This deal is excellent news and when I get an upgrade I’m hoping to take full advantage!

  10. Please Please Please release on s60. I love spotify.. and hate to be up’d by a Ipod touch.

  11. one thing that is slightly annoying (and fixing this will mean i will use it 10 x more), android app does not scrobble with… is this coming soon?

  12. They should put spotify on the wii i have internet on mine and it would be really cool. someone tells someone who works there and you never know what could happen.!

  13. Still waiting for a response from SPOTIFY on addressing the removal of volume control on the iphone, something that is making many people unhaoppy and is diminishing the appeal of the spotify function for mobile phone use – is there anybody there???

  14. I thought this was a great deal, even had credit card in hand, but i have just been told by 3s help desk this is limited too 1 gig a month, yep 1 gig, I told her this sucks is this for real? She said that’s the deal, how can it be unlimited Spotify then? Someone else above wrote unlimited data, but i cant find anything on data max in the small print. I think that one gig will last a few hours at 320kps on spotify?? Making this hopeless, i hope she’s wrong..