Purchasing music just got easier


A few months back we introduced the ability to purchase high quality MP3 tracks directly through Spotify. You may not have known that you could purchase tracks, admittedly the feature was a bit hard to use and required you to right click on tracks/albums that you wanted to buy.

All that changes today as we release our improved ‘Purchases‘ features which allows you to buy your favorite tracks or albums directly in Spotify with only a few clicks.


Purchases will be downloaded onto your computer, placed into your default music folder and can be easily accessed via Spotify or any other program. All the MP3s you purchase are yours to own and can be transferred to any MP3 device of your choosing or burnt to a CD. Have a look at the short demo we put together for more details.

So, if you love to ‘try before you buy’ then hopefully this feature will make your life just a little easier.