Love Spotify? Come work with us

Serving up all this great music can be a lot of hard work so we’re always looking for a few good people to join our team. We have a number of open positions listed in our jobs section that we’d like to fill and who better to ask then our avid blog readers. Most of the open positions are for developer roles based in Sweden.

We like to think of Spotify as a fun, exciting and challenging place to work. If you think you’d be a good fit for our team (or know someone who might be) then brush off that CV and head on over to our jobs section for more details.


  1. i’m sort of working for you already, spreading the word of Spotify to all those Deezer users in Paris! they have all switched to your app now 🙂 you’re welcome!

  2. Weird, I was looking at the jobs section earlier today thinking it’d be great to work for Spotify. Not quite ready to up sticks and move to Stockholm though – no remote positions available?

  3. If Swedish is one of the compulsory requirements I think you’re going to get CV only from Swedish or Scandinavian developers 😉 As for me, that is the problematic one (I’m even REALLY fluent in Spanish 😉

  4. @turk182 – Have a look at the posts, Swedish isn’t necessarily a must for them but it would certainly help. We have a number of non-Swedes working here.

  5. @andres ok, you’re right, Swedish it’s only a “practical requirement” but really, how many non-Swedish developers do you know that are able to even understand Swedish? 😉

  6. @turk182 – You’d be surprised 🙂
    I’m from UK and work as a developer in Sweden and speak Swedish. In the company I work for there are at least three others from the UK that live and work here in Sweden. There are probably a few other nationalities as well, but you tend to only notice the ones from your own home country.

  7. @digithed, you’re right, I’m surprised 😉

    I suppose coming from a southern European country – i’m from Barcelona – I’m used to people learning English first and THEN something like French, Italian or German, but not Swedish. I think the only person I know who speaks Swedish is a half-Swedish half-Spanish girl XDD Good to know.

  8. If someone knows how to remove that blank spot between songs when a track is played finished, please apply. Can’t listen to The Mars Volta etc in Spotify if there’s a blank spot every time a song finishes. 🙂
    I remember when this came into iTunes. It was the best thing ever. I really miss being able to listen to a whole CD without having a feeling the track changes, where the last part of a song function as a intro for the next track. You all know what I’m talking about.
    Well, cheers! 🙂

  9. Hey, I love spotify very mutch, I am on spotify every day:)

    But can you tell me what you realy are doing? I understand i adds musikk to the program but what otherwise? =)? Can you add me on msn ? My msn is . I’m on every day so:))

    i quess it’s have been fun and work there and with you guys:)^_^

  10. Would love to work for spotify, but have a similar problem to others here, I don’t speak Swedish! English and French are ok, maybe I’ll have to take lessons….

  11. Hello, I was wondering if there is any chance for a job in Norway. I been using spotify for a long time now. And think its great. Im not looking for huge amount of money. Just so I can survie:P I know how to handle Spotify, computers and people that are asking for information.
    I can speak swedish as I live in norway. If there is any chance you might have a job message me please, me email is: Doff-y@hotmail
    My spotify account is: iTekki

  12. Please remove the ads for gayhunter (basshunter) not everyone wants to hear about his shit album.

  13. May I suggest some nice things for your new people to work on?
    1. Gapless playback. This is really a must have for many music styles and artists who don’t split up the tracks with a silence inbetween. Listen to Kraftwerk’s Trans Europe Express, any live album or most classical or progressive rock records and you’ll understand why.
    2. Replay gain – when you’ve got gapless playback to work you’ll notice the tricks the current track level replay gain plays with many records, if there are big volume differences between tracks. Remember that these differences where placed there intentionally by the artists and should be preserved when played.
    3. Keep on the great work you’ve done so for. Many great things still are awaiting to be done!


  14. Dear Spotify,
    While I find spotify useful and fun, as a CRM/BI guy I am flabbergasted by the lack of connection between my usage pattern and the advertisement I am exposed to. I know that you can do better :^)

    Keep up the good work,