Spotify Premium Sweden, Prince of Peking

A few days back we had Markus Krunegård first album of the week, Lev som en gris dö som en hund available for Spotify Premium subscribers in Sweden. Starting today they can also listen to his second new album Prinsen av Peking.

We’re sorry that the release was a little delayed, to make up for it we have some additional tickets to the CD release party courtesy of Universal Music. For a chance to win tickets to this exclusive event head over to the event page and register now!


  1. This is great news! However, as I keep adding so many new good songs to my playlist I loose track of which ones I added most recently. I would love a feature where you could sort the playlist in the order of when added.

  2. disabledd:

    Just click once or twice on the way your sort your playlist atm (until it’s not highlighted) and it will “unsort” your playlist to the chronological order in which the tracks were added.

  3. This band should be at Spotify…

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