Spotify ❤s Telia


Earlier today we announced a deal with Telia in Sweden to bring Spotify to a new and wider audience.

Telia will start selling Spotify Premium service to their mobile and broadband customers and we hope to work with them on some amazing new initiatives in the near future. Telia is Sweden’s largest ISP and mobile carrier and great match for us, this is a big step towards being able to offer Swedish homes the very best in digital entertainment services.


  1. Ohhh…doing the same deal with Telia as Wimp has made with Telenor in Norway? Free surfing on Spotify in 3G/2G areas when using their subscription. GO FOR IT!

  2. Cool! Hopefully, this could lead to that an older audience will join the world of Spotify too!

  3. Good for you Spotify ! Hope to see you in France soon to show to our MPP what is the legal offer for music!

  4. That’s awesome!

    I still really believe in what Spotify stands for!

    Rock on!

  5. A great day. I record this as a major event in the whole entertainment industry !

  6. Nice deal and a nice gift for Spotify’s 1st year birthday, so CONGRATULATIONS!!! 🙂

  7. Ugh, I *hate* when the word “exclusive” is used on service that is unavailable to most people. Streaming to cable boxes sounds super awesome. But Telia *exclusive*? A huge lot of people can’t get telia cable TV even if they want to, that really sucks. Will you do many more sellouts like this, which will prevent spotify to be distributed widely?

  8. Ska man byta till telia från bbb nu då? Om man får premium gratis av telia.. eller?

  9. @benjstri: “Telia will start SELLING Spotify Premium service to their mobile and broadband customers”. Låter inte som gratis i mina öron. Kanske med ett prisavdrag? Eller bara ett nytt sätt att kunna köpa Spotify på? Hmm.. Men säljer gör man väl inte med gratisvaror iaf…

  10. Well, thats nice. But when are you going to fix the BIG problems which cripple spotify? In example, genres and mixed-up artists should be on high priority, but no progress fixing these issues is ever reported.

  11. Ok, so could you please give us any kind of explanation to why you haven’t finished uploaded the new Markus Krunegård albums? It would be easier to accept the problems you have if you just could write something about them….

  12. Heres one for you:

    Image that the digital set-top-box from Telia had an external USB-driven display with an integrated IR-receiver. Then it would be possible to use Spotify on the set-top as a true internet radio without the need to turn on the TV. Ordinary none-technical people would love such a feature. Such an accessory does not need to be expensive but adds great value!

    It could even be a retail product with a standardized protocol which potentially could be used by any PC, Mac or set-top brand.

    So go ask Telia to ask their hardware vendor to come up with such a prototype! I built one in a week for my HTPC running Despotify ages before you released your lib so it no rocked science… 😛

  13. That’s great guys 🙂 Can I just ask that you improve support for bluetooth headsets and docks in the next version of the iphone app? Just a button to switch between available audio accessories like the iphone app has would be great 🙂

    And PLEASE add scrobbling, and over 2G, or at least cache it for when u connect to 3g or wifi 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

  14. What if a person already have a paid account and already have telia broadband and digital tv do they still have to pay for a new account? And what about multiple boxes in the apartment? One account per box then?

  15. ahh, spotify is reason enough for me to get an iphone – i’m just waiting for this sort of deal here in Norway. (I know we’ve got wimp, but im so used to spotify as it is)

  16. Hope the other providers in Sweden realise what potential a collaboration with Spotify is. Mostly since I sold my soul to one of the others to get my iphone, and have 22 months left on my sentence… Had a Spotify collaboration been in the mix at that time, Telia might have had some chance of persuading me.
    I guess the chance of any collaboration is pretty slim though, since 3 got their own music service. C’est la vie, but you can always dream!