Telia and Spotify sign exclusive cooperation agreement

Telia and Spotify have signed a two-year cooperation agreement to work together developing Spotify’s music service for computers, mobile phones and eventually TV as well. Another consequence of the agreement is that Spotify’s services will be sold and marketed in a new way in the Swedish market. Among other things, Telia and Spotify will cooperate […]

Overnight success takes a long time…

A few thoughts on the past year by Daniel Ek. I’ve spent some time thinking about the last twelve months and I wanted to mark the one year anniversary of Spotify with a few thoughts about where we have got to as a business. I’ve set those out below. I want to start off by […]

Spotify ❤s Telia

Earlier today we announced a deal with Telia in Sweden to bring Spotify to a new and wider audience. Telia will start selling Spotify Premium service to their mobile and broadband customers and we hope to work with them on some amazing new initiatives in the near future. Telia is Sweden’s largest ISP and mobile […]