Music catalogue updated with 11,318 tracks

Another update to our music catalogue. We added 885 albums and singles to the catalogue today, in total 11,318 new tracks are now available.

A few highlights includes:

Have a look at the Google doc for the full listing of all the releases. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.

Let us know what gems you find in this update.


  1. Great to see Nouvelle Vague finally arrive on Spotify UK – Ça plane pour moi!

  2. Where are all the updates from Record Union that never went through this summer? How long can it take to get them out?

  3. Is it possible to get Shooter Jennings albums to be available in Finland too?

  4. Yeah, where the f__k are the Siberian Chipmunks?? I thought they were gonna be here by now. Get that s__t straightened out rightaway!

  5. I see that you have added several albums from Planetary Assault Systems (a.k.a. Luke Slater). That’s fantastic. Just one comment, though: there are three different spellings versions of the artist (“Assualt”..), so we cannot see all albums in one single page. Thanks for correcting. Cheers!

  6. Yea come on! update Recordunion we have been waiting for it for two weeks + now

  7. The growing range of Music is impressing … BUT I’m still missing some of the greatest, AC/DC, Metallica, Beatles … guess the labels holding them aren’t to eager to sign … probably still doing good money on CDs … I’m however hoping and longing!

  8. new Built to Spill rules, yeah!

    but it killed me when I saw the new Vic Chesnutt album and then found out it wasn’t available in my country… hopefully later

  9. Yay! for all the new songs – but what happened to Elbow’s Seldom Seen Kid album being on Spotify? Any chance of it coming back again?

  10. any plan on adding Embee’s telling from solitaria and the other stuff he has released?

  11. Is there any plan to add more music albums from “Dave Matthews Band” and “Mezzoforte”? It would be great to have more music from these artists on Spotify .

  12. As the comments has turned into requests where’s totalfat, other breaking benjamin albums

  13. why is there only one volbeat album on spotify? it’s not even the latest album.

  14. Still waiting for the new album from Minor Majority, “Either way I think you know” was released 5th of October.

  15. There is quite a decent range of music now. But it was dissapointing to see Elbow’s “seldom seen kid” album be removed. Please can we also have some more Travis, there used to be all their tracks on there, but now only their most recent album is on.And of course some of the Beatles and Oasis would be good

  16. Spotify kommer gå en säker död tillmötes om det inte läggs upp ny musik med stora artister!! O en annan sak som stör mig är att ena dagen finns en artist o dagen senare kan dom ha tagit bort albumen igen.. Ett exempel på det är Rammstein.. Se till att artisterna får betalt så dom väljer och finnas kvar.. Jag betalar ju nu iaf 99 kr i månaden och då förväntar jag mig att få musik oxå.. Och då menar jag inte musik från 70 talet…

  17. Hello,
    you radios suck. all of them.
    since when jazz+blues+alternative+soul+new wave = julio iglesias + death metal? And sometimes, KARAOKE?
    seriously, as soon as I find a better free-replacement for, I give up on you guys.

  18. Hey can you add Jay Sean ft Lil Wayne Down on there please!!!! Because I searched for it but its people who cant even sing PLEASE ADD IT!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!! Thanks spotify x