Spotify adds Cooking Vinyl

Today we’re happy to announce another that another great indie label is joining Spotify. Starting in today’s music update we are receiving releases from the Cooking Vinyl, one of Britain’s most successful independent record labels.

Cooking Vinyl is probably best known for releasing albums by the Prodigy, but they also release other great artists such as Billy Bragg, Frank Black and Jackie Leven.

As part of today’s announcement we’re also happy to let you know that the newest single from Groove Armada, Warsaw, is now available for listening. The London dance duo is also offering users the opportunity to download a copy of the single. Just head over to their official site to grab a copy, it’s yours to keep.


  1. hola, no encuentro nada del grupo espaΓ±ol Objetivo Birmania, podriais conseguirlo?

  2. Are you getting any ‘talking books’ – and more comedy stuff??? You also don’t do a ‘if you like ad nauseum, then you may like Monty python as well’ etc….as you do with the music artists – the comedians just hang there, with no links to similar material….

  3. Hey, would it be possible to delete some songs from playlists that you have added from because there are some brilliant playlists with some songs that I always skip. (or drag them into a new playlist with the same title)
    Also would it be possible to rename some songs or artists because I find some things inconsistent, particularly with classical music. Sometimes the artist is the performer, sometimes the composer. And I have one artist as ‘Bach’ and another ‘Johann Sebastian Bach’. The ‘radio edit’ is also inconsistent, sometimes it is in brackets, sometimes with a hyphen.
    Another thing is there is a bug, when I click on the search box, only half the text gets highlighted so I do a search with half the last track at the end.
    You could include a search box for a playlist and include a genre tab.
    But Spotify is amazing, thank you for introducing me to loads of new artists and rare covers! I have told all my friend about it πŸ™‚

  4. Sweetie_candykim: You could simply create a new playlist and copy all of the songs over..

  5. But where is, [Prodigy – Invaders must die]? 😦 Should be there with the cooking vinyl joining..? Is there’s a delay?

  6. @metalually: It always takes some time from when a deal is ready to when the music is available in Spotify.

    Also, please split Prodigy into two and make sure the electronic Prodigy is changed to “The Prodigy”.

  7. If you could hurry thing’s up with adding Idlewild’s latest release through Cooking Vinyl – “Post Electric Blues” it would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

  8. Hoorah! XTC’s two amazing final albums – Apple Venus Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (Wasp Star) – should now be within Spotify’s grasp…