Spotify Premium, Black And Blue


This City have been already been described in a review as “like The Travelling Wilburys if it was made of members of Bloc Party and At The Drive In”. Their debut album, We Were Like Sharks, is set to be released on the 19th of October but starting today Spotify Premium subscribers can listen to the full album.

And if you’re not a subscriber yet, check out their first single, We Move, and then upgrade to hear the rest.


  1. So, when where you planning to add Markus Krunegårds new albums? I thought it was supposed to be today.

  2. The Krunegård album has a release date in nine days and you complain?!? When the album is ready it will be added.

  3. The only thing is that they announced that it would be released for Premium-users today. That’s my sole reason for getting Premium, so maybe then you could understand why I’m starting to lose patience…

  4. Yeah, same here. I bought premium today for that particular reason, had really no use for it before.

  5. Sweet! Oh and will you add At The Drive In any time soon? I miss those guys.