Music catalogue updated with 21,060 tracks

Another music update today. We added 1,673 albums and singles to the catalogue, in total 21,060 new tracks are now available.

A few highlights include:

Have a look at the Google doc for the full listing of all the releases. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.

Let us know what gems you find in this update.


  1. love you guys for getting all this new stuff out, but could you move away from using Google Docs for listing the new releases, it doesn’t work very well with long lists. Besides I would really love some way of the spotify app notifying me when there was new content available which I’m interested i

  2. Yay! Loads of stuff from Sub Pop back catalogue. Loving it that you provide a nice spreadsheet for this stuff. Now if we could just have a little REST API to query the catalog and fetch the Spotify URIs.

  3. I still can’t find the last album of Grizzly Bear : Veckatimest :(((
    Will you add it soon ?
    cheers and thks for what you offer to the music addicts 😉

  4. Really looking forward to check out “Yeah Ghost” by Zero 7. Good work! 🙂

  5. Can you please fix the name issue between Norweigan Ingenting and the Swedish [ingenting].

  6. Good to see new ones, but I am still missing some oldies with the american group called The Call. Please find the records and present them in Spotify. Further there are still some records by Ian Hunter that is missing. I hope to see them soon.

  7. Can’t find the latest skindred album which was released on monday 😦

    Their second album isnt on there either.

  8. Why have they not added Sonata Arctica’s new album “The Days Of Grays” released a week ago.

    I wonder if it worth pay for premium, after all. When they need a month to add new released albums.

  9. I still do not see The Siberian Chipmunks Sing The Charts Vol. 1 and 2. I would much appreciate for those 2 albums to be included in the update next time. Notwithstanding, good update lads!

  10. I’m with higgstrom, hoping for Sonata Arctica’s new release to come soon… And of course, give us Rammstein back!

  11. Urrmm yer really good but please could you put on some oasis and chase and status

  12. Just wondering why a lot of the new releases such as the Wildhearts and Dizzie Rascals new album’s aren’t available in the U.K. as they are both U.K. artists.

  13. Elusion and higgstrom the new sonata arctica is available for uk residents, so I’m not sure if it’s a region thing but if so I would assume it will be made more widely available soon.


    Get thier album on spotify asap plz! And the lil wayne – lolipop remix with them too!

  15. Was trying to listen to Supergrass’ 10 greatest hits. The song Pumping on your stereo is fail… It won’t play right.

  16. I love Spotify. I realised tonight that this is a service I’m gonna pay for. It is great. Please please please make your application for windows mobile too.

  17. J-pop being entirely impossible to provide?
    Besides some weird german versions of anime-songs there is nothing.

  18. None of the Sub Pop releases I have checked are available in the UK. Are we likely to get these soon?

  19. What are the Music Industry/Copyright company’s doing?
    take for example Rammstein, only a few tracks are left to play

    It’s killing Spotify to remove tracks!

  20. Just spent all morning listening to Muse. Brilliant, don’t reckon you have missed a track

  21. Not related to this blog entry but here goes anyway. You guys should really get ACDC’s music on spotify! Would improve the spotify experience by 105% 🙂

  22. Why can’t you add some of the more popular things?
    Like Now 73 still has not been added. Why?
    And, it would be nice if you could keep up with new songs from the Music Charts in the UK

  23. @bahz: I’m sure they would love to have them, but sadly AC/DC don’t license their music for streaming.

  24. Hello. I’ve a question: Why can’t hear albums of Spandau Ballet on Spain? Only appear 2 albums 😦

  25. Niiice. Only Captain Beefheart & His magic band with the album Trout mask replica.

  26. “There is a problem with the connection to Spotify. Please try again shortly.” This shit happens to half of my songs in my playlists everytime there has been an update to the music catalog. I wonder why i´m still paying for this.

  27. Why have all the Jason’s Webley albums dissapeared? I used to have a good playlist with his music…


    Teneis musica para aburrir, increible la cantidad de musica que hay.

    Hay un grupo que se llama BEATLES, lo conoceis? por que no esta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Why do you not have the complete releases of some acts, e.g Gentle Giant & Renaissance?. Any chance of including Family in the future?.

  30. Why the hell do you keep removing albums?? The only result is people going to youtube or downloading illegally instead, what is the point in that? So tired of seeing my favourite tunes disappearing, Spotify is not some kind of album promotion service where the users can listen to an album for a couple of weeks and then have to buy it – that is not the point, some of us actually pay for this! At least keep the albums available for Premium users.
    Almost all the absolute dance albums are now gone!

  31. The Ghost Inside!!

    And Framing Hanley – Lollipop !!!
    + more techno plz!