Spotify Premium Sweden, Kings in concert


Yesterday we released the latest Kings Of Convenience album, Declaration Of Dependence, for Spotify Premium subscribers. Today we have one pair of tickets to hand out to subscribers in Sweden to see the band live at Nalen on October 3rd.

For a chance to go to the concert leave a comment here on this post and let us know why you should win.


  1. Basicly because me and my girlfriend need to spend some more time together, and why not do it to our favorite band.

  2. Because I’m still humming on Erlends “Courage, courage, courage, courage […]” from TWBA at Roskilde and still miss Eriks voice since … forever ago at Södra Teatern.

  3. I was going to see Erlend Øye in The Whitest Boy Alive at the Roskilde Festival this summer but overlooked the schedule when bookin flight-tickets home and missing the last night when they played. TWBA and Kings of Convenience have been the soundtrack of my life the last couple of months trough better or worse. Having a recent dryspell with cutbacks at work etc. it really made my day to hear they were playing in 08. But also made me completely devastaed when i realized the tickets were sold out. Make my day please!

  4. I wanna see the kings of convenience so that I can decide wheather Erlend Øye is hot or not. He is what I like to call “fulsnygg” and when looking at pics of him sometimes he’s hot and not.

  5. I’d love to take my girlfriend to see the Kings and Erlend as they are the best thing coming out of Norway in since the inland ice. Btw I just have to say I totally love these occasional give-aways.
    All the best for your hard work!

  6. I got »Boat Behind« stuck in my head and I need to hear it live at least once. I would even eat får i kål for those tickets. I will bring my best friend to the concert.

  7. För att se detta underbara band såklart, och kanske dra med ragget så man kan få ligga 😀

  8. Please let me and my beloved bella donna see this magical act on earth! It would be the perfect way to celebrate our 3.5 yrs anniversary!

  9. I’m to convenient to buy a ticket. I just want to be the king – the king of convenience!

  10. I can’t afford the tickets and a girl I fancy loves KoK, so if I get them I could invite her to the concert, and who knows what will happen after the concert… man I really need this!

  11. Because me and my girlfriend couldn’t find the tickets, and Kings of Convenience are pretty special for us: I’d Rather Dance With You is our song. Getting the tickets would make us happy.

  12. October 3rd 2008 will always have a special place in my heart: that was the day my wonderful girlfriend and I met. This means we will be celebrating our one year anniversary at the same day as this concert. I think inviting her to a gig with the sweetest Norwegians in the world would be the perfect summary for the best year of my (and her, if she’s telling me the truth 🙂 ) life so far. Our shared Spotify playlist actually includes material from Kings of Convenience already, and this concert will most likely be a reason to expand the playlist with a couple of new songs from the latest album. ❤

  13. My birthday is tomorrow and I would love to see Kings of Convenience. It would be the best birthday present ever.

  14. … because my girlfriend and I just got kicked out of our apartment and also because she really doesn’t like Kings of Convenience yet, but I want to convert her!

  15. Har väntat på detta album, det är ett riktigt bra band och jag håller tummarna för att jag ska bli den lyckliga! Tackar

  16. My kings of convenience loving friend introduced me to spotify. I owe him big time!!

  17. I’m trying to converting to the spirit of royalism. Therefor in the aspect of music, I have to meet these norveigen guys of whom I adore. To learn true religion of kingdom. Does it hide something larger than bare gold and glitter. According to the convenience, jes, I think so..
    Kungar och drottningar i tiden!

  18. Because I would bring a date and she absolutely love KOC. Tickets to the show might give me the chance of a homerun then!

    Don’t you wana give me that chance?

  19. I’m a Renagade in the Peacetime Resistance, joining forces with Freedom And Its Owner in an attempt to make a Riot On An Empty Street. However, i started feeling Homesick, that Love Is No Big Truth, and the only thing I know is that I’d Rather Dance With You!

  20. Im asking this girl out who subtilely mentioned she would die for a ticket to the concert. Would definately be convenient for me…

  21. I’d love to give my friend who fairly recently suffered a heart attack a night out. This would give him solid proof that it’s possible to have an excellent relaxed night out, rather than the stressed out rock/pop/dance-parties he’s always seemed to think is the only reason to go out for.

  22. I have worked really hard the last couple of months and we have a big go-live in the project the 2-4 of October. It’s my birthday the 3rd of October and I was supposed to work on my birthday. But I have been working rally hard and now I’m ahead of schedule for the first time in my life! This means that I have some time over to go and see this fantastic band. The irony is that I have moved from Sweden to Stavanger in Norway and only a couple of hours from Bergen where Kings of Convenience are from. I’d hoped to see them here in Norway but now they only performs in Sweden and Denmark 😦

  23. Because I just listened to them for the first time, and trust me, it was love at first sight!

  24. It would be convenient to celebrate my girlfried’s home coming with the kings of convenience.

  25. jag har aldrig sett dom live ännu. har älskat som sedan första plattan.

  26. Paternity leave is hard work! Me and the wife need time on our own, now let us go see KoC pretty please.

  27. It would surely be convenient if you gave me a ticket. Convenience is king!