1. Great Spotify update today. Many finds to come over at Spotinews. And yes, this album is okey in Sweden. Might be a cache issue for some of you.

  2. A problem may be that the album is listen under the “Appears on” section.

  3. It is there in the UK for me, the problem is that the artist for the album is not “Paul Hardcastle” but “Paul Hardcastle Presents Zero One” and so it doesn’t appear as one of his main albums

  4. Strangely (I’ve also reported this via the Get Satisfaction site), this album is not playable in the Spotify Mobile application (at least it isn’t for me in the iPhone version).

  5. @fewmanchu

    Yes, I have Premium. Bought it last week when the iPhone app came out.

  6. “the label/artist has chosen to make the tracks unavailable” is what I get (Sweden) =(

  7. The problem appears to be that the tracks will show “the label/artist has chosen to make the tracks unavailable” if you don’t have “Enable high bitrate” enabled in your preferences. For some reason the low bitrate tracks have been made unavailable.

  8. gadgetchannel is indeed right. I thought I had set all my computers on high bitrate, but I had missed one of the laptops. Guess they thought all premium users would have it enabled by now 😉

  9. Thanks! Works now! Didn’t even know about the High Bitrate… That’s awesome 😀

  10. Doesn’t work for me, i get the message: “The artist/label has chosen to make this track unavailable”