Spotify Premium Sweden, Uprising


The multi award-winning English alternative rock band Muse re-entered the studio earlier this year to record their fifth studio album. Next week they’ll be releasing, The Resistance, but starting today Spotify Premium subscribers in Sweden will be able to pre-listen to the full album it before it’s in stores.

So if you haven’t subscribed to premium then it’s long Overdue, now is the perfect time.


  1. Bug? Nice, except that the first song, Uprising, is not loading/playing, all other songs are 🙂

  2. Nice! But what happend to the Black Holes and Revelations album here in Sweden? I’m quite certain I’ve seen it in Spotify a while back. Geological restrictions?

  3. This does not make up for your removal of Black Holes and Revelations. This is my free account, but my boyfriend pays for premium and it’s pretty rough to take away music that someone listens to all the time, after they have paid…

  4. Also seem to be having problems with first song of the album. Great album, still!

    And having Black Holes and Revelations back would be nice, as well. 🙂

  5. First of all thanks! 🙂 But I have also some problem with the first track Uprising. Some parts of the song plays but not all. BTW: Uprising is a great song. 🙂

  6. Maybe fix the album? The first song is broken somehow. The album is not in the Muse album-listing. Could you give a report on where all the other albums went? Like “Black holes and revelations”. It’s too bad to see Spotify getting torn apart by idiotic record-labels.

  7. Hmm, I haven’t had any problems streaming this album. Can anyone having problems trying exiting and restarting and see if that helps?

    Also, clearing out the Spotify cache may help a bit.

  8. @joebraidwood – The album will be available in the UK and other countries next week once it’s released.

  9. About this whole ‘black holes’ album not on spotify. Im from Uk and i can still listen too it. Its been posted all over the place thats its been taken out, can you explain andres ?

  10. Also, why is it only sweeden that gets a preview of the album, i pay the same as them so i dont see why uk get it.

  11. off topic: Låtnamn och själva låtarna har blandats ihop på Erik Hassles nya album!

  12. There’s an other music service D… that is streaming the album for preview with no country restriction I think. Well, I can listen to it in France, that’s why even with my premium Spotify account, I’m using the other one these days.

  13. spotify can u please add more songs from all that remains ? please ,theres only “this calling” from them 😦

  14. I ain’t got Premium but you can listen to it on as well – you can even listen on facebook. But regarding you guys mentioning that BHaR is gone, I just noticed, it really is gone. Spotify staff, could we maybe get an answer why Black Holes and Revelations is no longer available on spotify?

  15. If it were available in Norway as a premium pre-release, I would totally upgrade!

  16. Upload Gabriel Antonio and pato pooh 😀 Please, very good artis som shoud be on spotify 🙂

  17. Black Holes and Revelations is still on Spotify, its probably just been removed from your country check here

  18. HI!

    is it posible to get: Taio Cruz – Driving Me Crazy/Crazy Girl on Spotify, its just awesome! makes me want to dance 😀 I hope this it posible. Sara

  19. I think everyone with Spotify premium should have the advantage to pre-listen at the new bands, and join the competitions.

    Why limit this to just UK and Sweeden or all the “big” countries that get advantages all the time from other companies?

  20. “Why limit this to just UK and Sweeden or all the “big” countries that get advantages all the time from other companies?”

    Because the record companies want to have it that way. This isn’t Spotify imposing artificial restrictions. That would break all logic.

  21. SWEDEN FTW Älskar er på spotify! (även om 2 st i familjen inte kan använda spotify samtidigt :(, )

  22. Slightly Off Topic but will be great if you could get skip track buttons and Play/Pause added to the Windows 7 Superbar(Taskbar) like iTunes and Media Player have!

  23. Absolution is messed up now too. Fury has been added as a 12th track, but it was the 15th on the Japanese release, and not available on the European one.
    Now every title from 12 and onwards is out of sync.
    Ex: Fury is listed as #12, but it actually plays endlessly, which is listed as #13..

    And yeah, no love for the Norwads? :p

  24. Is this just me or what? I ca listen to this album, Even tho I’m in Norway… Its on the iPhone, havent tried the computer yet. I have already made it offline 🙂

  25. Finally you’ve got something from Finnish labels Solmu Records and Olo Levyt up 🙂 Thanks!