Spotify Premium, For You And I


The duo Lady & Bird is a collaboration of French singer/songwriter Keren Ann and Barði Jóhannson, lead singer of Icelandic band Bang Gang. Their upcoming album, La Ballade Of Lady & Bird, will be out on September 14th but starting today all Spotify Premium subscribers have the chance to pre-listen to the full album.

To get a an idea of what to expect from the album check out the single, Forward And Reverse, released earlier this year.


  1. all premium subscribers? or do you mean only those in countries where spotify already launched?
    i can’t listen to it.
    please make that clear in the text.

  2. This was awesome. I love “Sailor & Widow”. Sounds like something from a film with Tim Burton with the pizzicato string and all. Lovely album.

    Mummers sounds great too. Thanks!

  3. Fungerar mycket bra! En miss bara. Det går ej att köra Spotify i bakgrunden samtidigt som du kör ett annat program. Det går det att göra med iPod.